Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bayer AG Financial News Conference:
Full Year 2014 Results

Location: Leverkusen, BayKomm (Bayer‘s Communication Center)

Fiscal 2014:

Bayer: strong business momentum continues and portfolio transformation underway

Group portfolio to focus on Life Sciences / All subgroups contribute to record sales and earnings / Recently launched products drive growth momentum / Group sales EUR 42,239 million (plus 5.2 percent / Fx & portfolio adj. plus 7.2 percent) / EBIT advances by 11.6 percent to EUR 5,506 million / EBITDA before special items up by 4.9 percent to EUR 8,812 million / Net income increases 7.4 percent to EUR 3,426 million / Core earnings per share up 7.3 percent to EUR 6.02 / Forecast for 2015: further sales growth and clear improvement in earnings more

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Planned publication of the notice of the meeting and agenda of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2015

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