Health and Social Needs

Help for the Weak and Disadvantaged

Bayer's corporate social responsibility has traditionally involved assistance for those in need and efforts to improve social conditions in all the countries in which the company is active. Important tools of our social responsibility include donations and support for long-term projects according to the principle "helping people to help themselves." Here we cooperate closely with both government institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Projects to Combat Hunger and Poverty
Hunger and poverty are the most urgent problems in many parts of the world. Bayer helps to address these issues, in part through a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Poverty is the most common reason for child labor, which is still widespread in many regions of the world. Bayer actively supports the Abrinq Foundation for the Protection of Children's Rights.

The global challenges of our time include access to clean water. Together with National Geographic, Bayer has established the "Global Exploration Fund" in order to promote innovative research into the conservation of drinking water.

Health Projects

Health and basic medical care are among the fundamental needs of humanity. Bayer cooperates closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against epidemics such as African sleeping sickness and Chagas' disease. Bayer is also particularly committed to the fight against the two other biggest epidemics of the modern age: HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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