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Bayer on the road in 2013: to mark the 150th anniversary of Bayer, an interactive exhibition showing how the company has improved the quality of life for millions of people around the world visited some 30 sites in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Bayer has chosen a highly creative way to portray these subjects. The Anniversary Tour brings to life the company mission, “Science For A Better Life.” The exhibition focused on the topics of health care, agriculture and high-performance materials.

Best-Of Bayer Anniversary Tour 2013

An exhibition that elicits curiosity: The multimedia traveling exhibition combines both playful and informative elements to bring the contents on show to life. Participation is expressly encouraged in this interactive exhibition. The exhibition comprises 22 boxes a good two meters high. Each one is dedicated to an oversized letter. Together they spell out Bayer’s mission: “Science For A Better Life.” Each letter also refers to a specific Bayer topic, ranging from A as in Aspirin, to E as in energy-efficient mobility, and S as in science.

For example, visitors could go up against the clock fighting pest insects and weeds with Bayer products in a buzzer quiz, or inserted the right building blocks into the DNA of wheat to block the plant’s stress gene and make it more robust. The letter C stands for cardiovascular health and centers on the tremendous strength of the heart. With each of its 80 beats a minute, it pumps 200 milliliters of blood through our bodies. Visitors could squeeze a small ball to experience for themselves just how much strength is required for such a feat.
What's special about the exhibition is that the Bayer anniversary tour was never far away: the traveling exhibition had over 25 stops around the world, including international cities such as London, Berlin, Mexico City, São Paulo, Sydney and Shanghai.

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Global Tour

  • The Anniversary Tour stopped in approximately 30 international cities.
  • Mexico City has been selected from cities around the world to launch the world tour. The exhibition could be visited in the museum “Museo de las Ciencias de la UNAM“ that is part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico…
The Anniversary Tour stopped in approximately 30 international cities.

The traveling exhibition tour kicked off in Leverkusen on February 28, 2013, the day of the Spring Financial News Conference. The guests were able to directly experience the Anniversary Tour in the foyer of the BayKomm Communication Center. The exhibition remained in Leverkusen for a few days and has now been packed into containers to depart on its world tour together with a second, identical traveling exhibition. It has been designed to give employees and other selected visitors around the world an opportunity to experience the concrete contribution that Bayer makes to A Better Life.

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