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Apps are applications for mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs that offer a wide variety of service functions. This page shows a selection of free apps on different topics. Take a multimedia journey of discovery with the "Bayer magazine" app or find out how the "SeedPlanner" helps you calculate all your cottonseed needs.


Farmings Future

Farming´s Future – The Bayer CropScience Company Magazine

Worldwide food security and environmentally compatible agriculture: The new „Farming’s Future“ App by Bayer CropScience presents solutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture. Journalistic, interactive Multimedia-Stories give answers to the pressing questions of our time.  

Free available for: iPhone | iPad | Android

Bayer App seed planner

Seed Planner

The Seed Planner from Bayer CropScience helps you calculate all your cottonseed needs in a single application. Great for growers, seed dealers, consultants and agronomists, the Seed Planner lets you: Input seeding rate for each variety, calculate acres per bag, determine total bag/box needs, save seed needs estimates for multiple fields and farms.

Free available for: Android

Bayer App seed planner

Variety Selector Tool

The Variety Selector Tool from Bayer CropScience helps you find the right variety for your field and calculate all of your cottonseed needs in a single application.

Free available for: iPad | Android

Bayer TurfXpert

Bayer TurfXpert

The new „Bayer TurfXpert“ app contains photographs and detailed information on over 100 turf diseases, turf weeds and turf insect pests found in the UK. High resolution images of weeds and a simple to use disease and weed identifier tool allows turf managers to arrive at a treatment or a cultural management solution.

Free available for: Android

Backed by Bayer

Backed by Bayer

Get the benefits of Bayer's key insights and research for the pest management industry. Access information about the chemical solutions and preventative tips you need to combat troublesome pests and deliver results to your customers.

Free available for: iPhone | iPad

Bayer PestXpert

Bayer PestXpert

Bayer's "PestXpert" App provides practical information to assist professional pest controllers in the identification and treatment of insect pests. The app contains photographs and detailed information on over 25 different species of pest insects and rodents found in the UK.

Free available for: iPhone | iPad | Android

Animal Health

BCS Cowdition

BCS Cowdition

BCS Cowdition is Bayer Animal Health‘s innovative, simple, and convenient application, used to accurately assess the health condition of dairy cows and to detect possible metabolic disorders.

Free available for:  iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android

Bayer Corporate Apps

Bayer Annual Report

Bayer Integrated Annual Report 2014

Bayer’s Annual Report offers readers detailed information on the Group’s current business performance. It provides facts and figures in the financial reporting section, and an image section in the form of a magazine.

Free available for: iPhone | iPad | iPod


research – The Bayer Scientific Magazine

The research app provides a fascinating insight into the diversified work of Bayer’s scientists: In videos, with 3D animations and countless image galleries, Bayer’s scientists explain contemporary challenges and the approaches they are taking to solve them, making Bayer: Science For A Better Life come alive.

Free available for: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android

Bayer Career

Bayer Career

Do you want to receive current vacancy notices and information on entry and career opportunities at Bayer and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? With Bayer's free Career App, you can subscribe to the services that interest you. That way you can stay well informed about current vacancies at Bayer.

Free available for: iPhone | iPad | Android


Bayer App monthly me

Monthly Me

This app is intended to help collect and organize information about menstrual pain and bleeding, and their impact on woman’s daily life. If woman are concerned about the intensity, pattern or frequency of pain and bleeding, then collecting this information through this app may be useful to guide conversations with a physician.

Free available for:  iPhone

Farming�s Future

Plate Mate

This app shows in a simple and visual way what's on your plate: You can keep track of your carbohydrate, calorie intake and your blood sugar levels.

Free available for: iPad (Currently available for Belgium and the Netherlands)

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