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Felix Hoffmann, Wilhelm Roehl, Hans Andersag and Walter Kikuth, Gerhard Domagk, Otto Bayer, Friedrich Bossert, Wulf Vater – researchers and scientists who made history. They were responsible for pioneering inventions that revolutionized medicine, chemistry and materials development: Aspirin™, Germanin™, Resochin™, sulfonamides and Adalat™.

Hoffmann, Domagk, Schnell

Felix Hoffmann, Gerhard Domagk, Otto Bayer

These outstanding scientists all had one thing in common: they established Bayer's reputation as an innovation company. Bayer retains a strong commitment to this tradition. The Group’s realignment enables us to focus on areas where innovation is the driving force: health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.

Innovation plays a major role in addressing the global challenges of providing health care and nutrition for the world’s growing population and conserving dwindling resources. It is a key driver of future growth at Bayer.

Innovation and the skills of our employees form the basis for our success as a company. We drive innovation by continuously developing new molecules, technologies and business models in our research centers, investing in research and development projects, supporting the development of our employees and expanding our activities through acquisitions or collaborations with external partners. Strengthening our innovative capability enables us to address the challenges of our time and achieve profitable corporate growth.

In 2015 a total of €4.281 billion was spent on research and development. This was equivalent to 9.1 percent of sales. Approximately 14,700 employees worldwide work in this field.

Through this pooling of expertise, Bayer aims to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products. These activities are also supported by systematic employee development in the company’s research and development units.

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Portraits of Four Bayer Researchers

Biotechnologist Andre Pütz

Andre Puetz is a biotechnologist and constantly searching for new biocatalysts for Bayer. In nature, these substances allow the formation of chemical compounds, which can only be produced very laboriously using state-of-the-art technology. This opens up new possibilities for the development and production of new active ingredients for medicines and crop protection products.

Protein Engineer Jan Tebbe

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Jan Tebbe and his colleagues at Bayer have the task of tailoring such proteins for the development of new drugs and the protection of plants. For this they use biotechnology. In this video, Jan Tebbe talks about the challenges they are facing.

Microbiologist Frank Berendes

Frank Berendes has always been fascinated by biology. In his job in biological production at Bayer, he can use his knowledge of microorganisms to help produce valuable drugs and biological crop protection products.

High-troughput Screening with Horst Antonicek

Anyone who talks to researcher Horst Antonicek quickly realizes that biochemistry is very important to him. At Bayer, he uses high-tech robots to search for substances that may protect plants. And more recently, he has been sharing knowledge with colleagues who are searching for active ingredients for drugs.

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