Efficient Production

Managing Energy Efficiency

An energy management system developed by Bayer uses a structured and systematic approach to help users harness potential energy savings that have already been identified. This is made possible by adapting energy usage to specific production and working conditions.

Wang Yan (left) and Guorong Shen at Bayer’s new chlorine plant in ShanghaiZoom image
Wang Yan (left) and Guorong Shen at Bayer’s new chlorine plant in Shanghai

STRUCTese™ (Structured Efficiency System for Energy) is a management system developed by Bayer MaterialScience in association with Bayer Technology Services and Bayer Business Services. Its goal is to optimize energy efficiency in the long term. It will build on the results of the Bayer Climate Check and help the company to identify and harness the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The STRUCTese™ energy management system has been installed in 58 particularly energy-intensive MaterialScience plants in Europe, Asia and North America by the end of 2014. This system, designed by Bayer itself, enables the individual energy consumption of the production plants to be optimally controlled and reduced by an average of a tenth. In 2014 the annual energy saving amounted to around 1.5 million MWh, while CO2 emissions were cut by around 428,000 metric tons per annum.

Tailored energy management systems have been implemented within the sub-groups Bayer HealthCare and Bayer CropScience to realize also in the less energy intensive production and business lines sustainable energetic optimizations.

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