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My Bayer Story

Impressive moments, amusing experiences, strange occurrences: Employees all over the world submitted their personal Bayer experience under the heading “My Bayer Story”. A selection of these stories has been published in the anniversary year of 2013. Read here all exciting Bayer stories .

The stories tell about positive experiences with products, describe how the employees experience Bayer as an employer or explain about the fascination of contributing to the mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” with their own work.

Overview of All Stories

My Company of Choice

Supakit Sarootsikan, Thailand

A Difficult Job Interview

Ulku Karataban, Turkey

Values for My Life

Zaida Bernal, Mexico

Pioneers for Health in Uganda

Stephany Nesser, USA

The Smell of the Countryside

Christophe Le Sueur, France

Integrity Unites Bayer

Raelene Antao, India

A Window to a Big World

Nataly Petryakova, Russia

Bayer and James Bond

Phyllis Mark, USA

“Big Flag Down!”

Wenlin Yang, China

“Helping farmers”

Rob Hulme, Australia/China

Overcoming Challenges in Life

Tomás David Yacotú Villascán, Mexico

A Wide Range of Therapies for MS Patients

Jackie Napier, United Kingdom

Mattresses for the Amazonas

Claudio Pauler, Switzerland

German Lessons for the Boss

Antje Christiane Scherf, Germany

How Bayer Promoted My Fencing Career

Larissa Merkel, Germany

Help after the Flood

John Burstow, Australia

Experiences of a Young Employee

Tholakele Mlangeni (Queen), South Africa

Bayer's Oldest Sales Rep

Paddy Franklin, New Zealand

125 Years at Bayer

Stephanie Noé, Germany

Father’s Diary

Kumi Nakane, Japan

Trust in Bayer

Catherine Coles, Canada

Encounter with the President of Argentina

Michael Lengwenat, Germany

My Ideal at Bayer

Pham-van Thai, Vietnam

Our Child’s First Word

Pietro Currado, Italy

Sunglasses for a Substance

Professor Kurt H. Bauer, Germany

International Password

Evgenij Lunkov, Russia

Promotional Penalties

Willi Gierlich, Germany

Support after an Accident

Faizan Ali Zafar, Pakistan

“Summit Meeting” in Siberia

Pavel Buzheninov, Russia

Bayer, History and Friendship

Norbert Biernacki, Poland

Science That Is Fun

Vrajesh Aghera, India

An Amazing Cross

Willi Bischofsberger, Switzerland

Curiosity, School Grades and a Vacation

Jose Luis Perez Colomo, Spain

Encounter with Werner Wenning

Sandra Eckert, Germany

A Symbol of Quality, Efficacy and Trust

Rahimdad Khan, Afghanistan

My New Start at Bayer

Suzete Yamashiro, Brazil

Bayer's "Sponge Bob"

David Lin, Taiwan

Help after the Hurricane

Brian J Cassidy, USA

A Kiwi in Germany

Justin Gleeson, New Zealand

The Bayer Pioneer and the Gold Coin

Michaela Duisberg, Leverkusen

My Dad and His Blanket

Wael Yassin, United Arabe Emirates
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