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My Bayer Story

Impressive moments, amusing experiences, strange occurrences: Employees all over the world submitted their personal Bayer experience under the heading “My Bayer Story”. A selection of these stories has been published in the anniversary year of 2013. Read here all exciting Bayer stories .

The stories tell about positive experiences with products, describe how the employees experience Bayer as an employer or explain about the fascination of contributing to the mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” with their own work.

Story of the week

Supakit Sarootsikan

My Company of Choice

When Supakit Sarootsikan joined Bayer in 2007, he was amazed at how the company cares about people’s safety. In the following years, he also discovered why he has found his company of choice. In his Bayer story, he explains about what he likes at Bayer.


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