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Annual Reports
In addition to balance sheets and statements of income, the Annual Report contains a vast amount of information about the commercial development of our company. more

Quarterly Reports
Our three-monthly reports keep you posted about the current fiscal year. 

research is a lavishly designed magazine containing easy-to-read scientific articles concerned with Bayer research.  

Bayer magazine

Bayer magazine
Updates for our interactive Bayer magazine are issued on a regular basis and you’ll be informed as soon as they’re available. They feature interesting and informative items from the world of Bayer. more

Names | Figures | Facts
Bayer from A to Z: our brief profile contains all the key information about the Bayer Group. more

Sustainable Development Reports

Sustainable Development Reports
In our annual Sustainable Development Report you will find a wide variety of information on our ecological and social commitment. more

Baylab. Discover Science.
An introduction to Bayer school laboratories. As an innovation company, Bayer wants to pass on its enthusiasm for research and science to young people through specially equipped laboratories for schoolchildren known as Baylabs. more

Foundation Activities
The Report Foundation Activities shows foundation activities of our Bayer Science & Education Foundation, Bayer Cares Foundation and Bayer USA Foundation and gives a complete overview of projects initiated and supported by our foundations from 2007 to fall 2010. more

Bayer Culture - Program 2014/2015
The current Bayer Arts & Culture prospectus contains a schedule of high-quality events for anyone interested in the arts. more

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