• Innovations

    The Foundation of Our Success

    Our success is based on the development of new molecules, technologies, processes and business models in areas of the Life Sciences.

  • Innovations

    Addressing Global Challenges

    MaterialScience, with its high-tech polymer materials and application solutions, is helping to address the global challenges.


Bayer Group

Press Forum "Bayer's Perspective on Innovation"

On December 2, 2014, Dr. Marijn Dekkers and Kemal Malik presented innovations in the Life Science businesses of Bayer.


Dream Production

CO2 as a raw material

Following a successful test phase, Bayer is aiming to commercialize the use of the greenhouse gas as a new raw material for plastics. A new analysis of RWTH Aachen shows the sustainable CO2 reduction of the process.



Revolution from the Ground Up

Enormous harvest losses all over the world are caused by tiny pests – nematodes that often go unnoticed as they drain crop roots of essential nutrients. Bayer CropScience researchers are now taking a two-fold approach to control these global pests.

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