Social Commitment

Working on Behalf of a Better Life

With our core business, we have a major impact on societal development. At the same time, we depend on intact social framework conditions and an innovation-friendly business environment. For us, it is therefore important to contribute to society’s future viability and create value in diverse ways. Within the scope of our social commitment, we thus make targeted strategic investments in the areas of science and education, health, social needs and community projects. This commitment is an integral element of Bayer’s corporate policy.

<strong>Bayer Sustainability Camp: </strong>American and German school students Paul Schulze, Anna-Lena Eickelberg, Yannik Cormaux and Tre’Von Walker (from right) get actively involved during the 2012 Sustainability Camp in Pittsburgh. Zoom image
Bayer Sustainability Camp: American and German school students Paul Schulze, Anna-Lena Eickelberg, Yannik Cormaux and Tre’Von Walker (from right) get actively involved during the 2012 Sustainability Camp in Pittsburgh.

Throughout the world, Bayer is active in a variety of ways in the core fields of education and science, health and social needs, and sports and culture. With its foundations, the Bayer Group promotes cutting-edge research, talented individuals and innovative educational and social projects. In 2013 Bayer provided some €50 million (2012: €49 million) for these activities. As with its business operations, Bayer’s social commitment is based on innovation and pioneering spirit.

We concentrate our commitment on three fields of action: education and research, health and social needs, and sports and culture.

Education and Research

The Bayer Science & Education Foundation supports young scientists and renowned researchers across the globe through scientific awards, endowed chairs and research scholarships. In 2013 the foundation approved total funding of €2 million for this purpose.

The international Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award is presented annually in three categories: biology,
chemistry and materials. The Bayer foundation presents this award to talented young scientists in the
early stages of their academic careers. Further honorary awards presented by the Bayer Science & Education
Foundation for scientific achievements include the Otto Bayer Award, the Hansen Family Award and
the Bayer Thrombosis Research Award.

Bayer also supports the scientific instruction of young people. We want to help awaken and promote an interest
in science, technology and medicine through initiatives for schoolchildren and scholarship programs.
In this way, we are helping talented young people at an early age who have the potential to become
leading-edge researchers.

Health and Social Needs

We work to improve health services and social conditions in many regions of the world. To achieve this objective, we cooperate with partners within international programs and support local initiatives.

One of the projects Bayer maintains in the area of public health is a collaboration with the Chinese government aimed at promoting advanced training for physicians in rural, medically underserved areas of western China. Supplementing Bayer’s economic activities in its core business is the Access to Medicine (ATM) strategy. As part of this program, the company supplies medicines free of charge to combat “neglected” tropical diseases.

To mark the company‘s 150th anniversary, the Bayer Cares Foundation for the first time supported employees around the world who endeavor to improve living conditions in the communities surrounding the company’s sites through their own project ideas.

Disaster aid is another area of activity for our social needs foundation. While the company itself provides areas hit by natural disasters with immediate aid in the form of donations of money and goods, the foundation supports sustainable reconstruction projects to help people who find themselves in a state of hardship.

Sports and Culture

Bayer has been actively involved in supporting culture and sports for more than a century, thereby making a sustainable contribution to the cultural life and sports opportunities at its sites in Germany. In 2013 the company provided funding of some €13 million for recreational, disabled and competitive sports activities.

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