Webcast help

Welcome to the Bayer Webcast help pages! Here you will find all the necessary information you need to view live broadcasts and recordings of events at Bayer AG:

Hard and software requirements

In order to access the transmission, you must have the following hardware and software available:

  • PC with sound card and either speakers or headset
  • Internet connection via modem (56k), ISDN (64k or 128k) or broadband (300k or faster)
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher), Firefox (version 2 and higher), Netscape Navigator (from version 7), Safari (version 2 and higher), or Opera (version 8 and higher). Javascript must be enabled.
  • Installed: Windows Media Player 9 or higher or Adobe Flash version 9 or higher.
    Free download:

Test Video

The title of the new image film stands for the “Fascination of Bayer“ and the ability of our researchers to make creative and innovative use of the elements. Impressive sequences show Bayer’s main areas of activity as a company with global operations.

While the video/audio broadcast is running, you should also check whether the charts change automatically.

A tip for Mac users: please download Flip4Mac (Windows Media for Macintosh) or Adobe Flash Player for streaming video purposes.

Webcast Features

The depicted screenshot gives you an impression of how our live channel works. The legend guides you through the essential areas of the presentation platform.

Webcast features

Title and date of the event

Audio/video window:
Starts automatically.

Photo caption/pull-down menu (if available):
Comments or topical announcements, e.g. personal details and event particulars
On demand
Pull-down menu to select speakerwenn vorhande

Video control:
Slider (only on demand), play, pause, stop, full screen video and volume control

Player selection; Share- and Zoom function

Presentation charts or additional information

Index (only on demand):
Jump to a certain part of the on-demand broadcast by clicking on a chart preview. You can also use the search function to search a keyword within the charts.

Support navigation:
"Help" links to the Bayer help pages. With the language selection you can change the language of the broadcast.

Legal information:
Inform yourself about the general conditions of use, the privacy statement and the masthead of our Bayer website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Media Player

Question: The switching of music charts does not work. What can I do?

Answer: Version 9 of Windows Media Players contains a new function that allows you to disable the switching of music charts. If you have version 9 or higher, you need to check the relevant setting. Open Windows Media Player in a separate window (stand-alone player), go to “Tools” on the menu bar and choose “Options”. A window is presented, where you need to click on “Security”. Under “Content” make sure the following option is not checkmarked: “Do not run script commands and rich media streams if the player is running inside a web page”. However, you must checkmark the option “Run script commands when present”. That’s all. You should now be able to switch music charts.

Question: No picture appears during transmission, only sound can be heard. What can I do?

You probably have an older version of Windows Media Player. You can either install a new Windows Media Player or download the missing video codecs.

Question: How can I find out the version of my player?

Open Windows Media Player in a separate window (stand-alone player), go to “Help” on the menu bar and choose “About Windows Media Player”. A window is presented which also contains the details of your current Player version.

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