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No-till/strip-till and cover cropping are powerful ways to support your yield potential and nutrient management over time, leaving healthier soil for future generations. With the Bayer Carbon Program, you may be able to get paid for climate-smart practices you've already implemented or plan to implement.

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We are excited you are interested in the Bayer Carbon Program!

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How it works

1. Enroll 2. Select fields 3. Implement practices 4. Get Paid
Sign up to participate in the Bayer Carbon Program through a quick and straightforward process. Share enrolled acres through the Climate FieldViewTM digital ag platform. Begin or continue practicing no-till/strip-till and/or cover cropping on your enrolled acres and provide relevant documentation. Receive a yearly cash payout for the verified and validated practices you’ve implemented, by the acre.


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The benefits of our program

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Flexible and simple

You choose which practices you enroll in, then it’s our turn to do the rest. Bayer takes care of practice validation, soil sampling and beyond.


Share in the upside

Your success is our success, and vice versa. If carbon prices increase, your rewards may increase too.


Certainty for you

You’re rewarded for the verified and validated practices you adopt, period. No need to worry about how many tons of carbon you generate.


Eligibility for historical practices

We think early adopters should be rewarded too. If you implemented any eligible practice on an enrolled field on or after January 1, 2012, you’re eligible for up to five years of historical payments after verification by Bayer that the practices were performed and carbon credits were generated. You’ll be paid for historical practices at the same rate that we’ll pay you to continue those practices.


Partners in results

We’re committed to our growers and want you to benefit from new practices. We have dedicated agronomic support ready to help.


Hear from our technical agronomists



Our access to (and use of) the data you provide under this program is governed by the terms of your Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement and the Privacy Statement. Bayer will only access and use your data for the purposes stated by the agreement, such as to verify the performance of the practices, calculate the number of carbon credits, and similar purposes. Bayer will not share your data with third parties except in confidence for the purposes listed by the agreement.



You, your soil and future generations will all benefit from sequestering carbon, through increased soil health, improved soil fertility and reduced erosion.

Reduced tillage and cover crops typically increase yields in the long run by improving soil health and increasing organic matter levels. When adopting different agronomic practices, a holistic approach is required to optimize the yield of each field. Multiple variables come together in a field to determine the final yield of crops including soil type, equipment settings, nutrient management, pest management, planting date, harvest timing and more.

In addition, carbon credits generated from your practices will help create a more sustainable future for everyone, as large organizations may buy your credits to meet their long-term sustainability goals.



The same fields cannot be enrolled in multiple programs that generate greenhouse gas reduction assets (such as carbon credits). Please check the other program's contracts for eligibility.



Bayer will pay you $3 per acre for reduced tillage (strip-till or no-till), $6 per acre for cover crop adoption, and $9 per acre for adopting both practices, per year. Payment is subject to you adopting and maintaining practices, and verification and validation by Bayer.



Each field must remain enrolled in the Bayer Carbon Program for 10 years (minus any years for which the farmer receives payment for historical practices), plus an additional 10-year retention period after the program term where the practices must be maintained. Carbon credit buyers require that emission reductions be long-lasting. The length of our contract is standard across the industry. You can expect to see overall soil health and other benefits become stronger each year of practice adoption. This long-term commitment ensures that the soil benefits are not reversed and provides the best land for future generations.



No. While Bayer has a broad selection of industry-leading crop protection, seed and seed treatment products, you are not required to purchase Bayer products to participate in the program.


Here for you

The Bayer Carbon Program team wants to support your operation every step of the way. Reach out to us at carbonprogram@bayer.com or by calling 833-877-7934.


This Bayer Carbon Program described on this website is subject to the current version of the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement. The information is to aid in the understanding of the Bayer Carbon Program and does not change or modify the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement in any way.



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