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Bayer Carbon


As an industry-leading and farmer-focused program, you get incentives for your verified implementation of practices, such as cover crops and reduced tillage, that can capture and store more carbon. But it means more than a long-term revenue stream — you can also help strengthen and protect your land for the future through the many potential benefits of regenerative agriculture, such as healthier soil and greater weather resiliency.

Program Benefits


Year-Round Support

We support you at every step and in all kinds of ways. You will have access to a team of Sustainable Systems Agronomists and a dedicated Support Team year-round, as well as access to our sustainability experts, learning centers, select research farms, and agronomic insights.

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Simple and Certain

Simple: You choose which practices you enroll in for each field, and we help you implement those practices. We also take care of the practice verification and soil sampling at no cost to you. Plus, there is no clawback for prior payment if you decide to leave. 


No surprises: You know what you will earn per acre, per verified and validated practice you adopt. No need to worry about how many tons of carbon you sequester.


Agronomic Insights & Data Collection

Free access to Climate FieldView™ Plus*, our industry-leading digital farming app, to help you get an even deeper understanding of your fields, allowing you to make more informed operating decisions that can help optimize your yields, maximize efficiency, and reduce risk. 


Easily capture and review your field-level practices and activities across your entire farming operation, including planting, harvest, application, tillage, and irrigation activities. All-in-one place.


Sharing the Upside

We believe in your success. We are committed to reviewing our program to ensure you get recognized for carbon market upsides, and we have increased our program incentives* this year versus last year.

*The Bayer Carbon Program practice incentive increase from 2021 to 2022 is applicable for no-till and strip-till practice implementation only. No increase in practice incentives were made in the same time period for the implementation of cover-crop practices.

How it works

1. Sign Up Sign-up in ForGround by Bayer using your Climate FieldView™ account to start receiving benefits. Learn More.
2. Enroll and Select Fields Share acres through the Climate FieldView™ digital ag platform and enroll fields to participate in the Bayer Carbon Program through a quick and straightforward process.
3. Implement Practices Begin or continue practicing no-till/strip-till and/or cover crops on your enrolled acres.
4. Collect Data Share your management practice data and provide relevant practice documentation. 
5. Get Paid Receive an annual cash payout for the verified practices you have implemented per acre. It’s that simple.


To learn more about the Bayer Carbon Program or to Enroll


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