13 October 2020 | 8:30 AM CST | 3:30 PM CEST | Global Keynote Address

Shaping the Future of Agriculture Sustainably: Perspectives from Bayer

Scientists in a greenhouse

The pressure to be “sustainable” increases by the day. Businesses around the world are forced to find new and different ways to conduct business—all while facing the impacts of climate change, limited natural resources, and a growing population. But what if the solution to society’s demands wasn’t simply adjusting to sustainability, but putting it at the core of their operation?


During the third Future of Farming Dialogue session, Liam Condon, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President of Crop Science division of Bayer, engaged in an open conversation with over 500 virtual attendees about the challenges facing today’s farmers. Condon then provided an update on how Bayer is continuing to seek a sustainable future through specific commitments to be completed by 2030.


Following the address by Liam, a panel of experts led by Dr. Klaus Kunz, Head of Sustainability and Business Stewardship at Crop Science division of Bayer, explored opportunities for businesses like Bayer to operate in new ways—growing enough food for the world, without starving the planet. Panelists included:

  • Christine Brunel-Ligneau, Head of Sustainable Agriculture Crop Science division of Bayer, 
  • Diane Holdorf, Managing Director of Food and Nature at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and 
  • Mateusz Ciasnocha, Bayer Youth Ag Summit Alum and Carbon Lead for Ciasnocha Family Farms.


Missed the event? Catch-up on Future of Farming Dialogue below and join the conversation at #BayerFutureFarming.

Shaping the Future of Agriculture Sustainably (POR)



Dr. Klaus Kunz has been the Head of Sustainability and Business Stewardship at Bayer Crop Science since 2018. After joining Bayer’s central Research Department in 2001, Kunz gained 17 years of experience directing business strategic topics at a global level, taking leadership roles in research, managing R&D projects, and working in regulatory, public, and governmental affairs—including issues management and stakeholder engagement. He currently holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and a degree in Economics.




Diane Holdorf is Managing Director of Food and Nature at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), based in Geneva, Switzerland, since December 2018. In this role, she leads business efforts to accelerate the much-needed system transformation in the areas of food, nature and water.




Mateusz has spent the last decade transitioning his family farm from an intensive operation to a climate-smart and sustainability focused practice managing 700 hectares of grassland in northern Poland. During this time, he has participated in high level missions of the EU Commissioner of Agriculture to Japan and the United Arab Emirates while also negotiating legal agreements to bring disruptive wheat varieties from the US into Europe for field trials and commercialization. In addition to farming, Mateusz is a current Ambassador for Thought for Food and alumni of the Bayer Crop Science Youth Ag Summit. He holds professional certifications and degrees from the University of Oxford, Columbia University Center for Sustainable Investment, and Hult International Business School.




Since November 2018, Christine has led Sustainable Agriculture for the Crop Science division, driving the development of the sustainable agriculture strategy, designing with her team the Bayer commitments in agriculture looking for impactful, ambitious and transformative targets and science-based measurements. She has more than 20 years of experience with Bayer and legacy companies across Regulatory, Development, Stewardship and Food Chain Management roles at the national and international level. Christine grew up in France and studied Agricultural Sciences in Toulouse, where she earned a diploma in Agronomy with a specialization in food processing. She is married with three children.


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