The New BayerNet App: It’s in Your Hands!

It has never been easier to stay up to date: The BayerNet App provides you with the BayerNet news flow and provides you with a lot of content you can share in your social media communities.


Download the BayerNet App for free for Android or IOS here:



About the App

  • You can install the app on your private or business smartphone. It will give you access to your personalized BayerNet news feed – no need to set any filters. The app will display the same content as on your desktop BayerNet.
  • If you are a Bayer employee, you can even receive Bayer social media feeds – some channels are preselected, select additional ones you want to follow and you can stay on top of any trending topics on Bayer social media feeds.
  • The app gives the opportunity to share our news and stories with your own social media community.