What is Bayer doing to promote bee health?

Bayer’s agricultural product portfolio means that it has a fundamental interest in bee health. Our Animal Health portfolio includes special products for the protection of bees.

In the debate about “bee deaths” in some regions of the world, neonicotinoids – a class of insecticidal active ingredients – are being named as one factor responsible for the regionally increased rates of bee colony collapses.

For a crop protection agent to be licensed, it has to pass a number of tests. Only once the product has been meticulously examined in the laboratory, and to some extent also subjected to field tests, may it be certified “harmless to bees”. When used correctly, our crop protection agents are not harmful to bees.

The Varroa Mite

The latest research indicates that a complex combination of factors is adversely affecting bee health. The main culprits are diseases, parasites such as the Varroa mite, weather conditions and loss of the honey bees’ food sources.

Varroa Mites: A Danger to Bees

Bayer is actively involved in the search for new bee health solutions, such as by developing new products for the treatment of infestation with Varroa mites. The Bayer Bee Care program was established specifically to thoroughly investigate this issue.

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