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Are you a business rebel with a disruptive and creative mindset? Join our Business Consulting team and be an essential role in projects to address various types of strategic challenges for the top management of the Bayer Group. 

~160 consultants

100+ projects a year

6 locations

Christina Stiegler
What fascinated me from the beginning, was the impact I can have with my work. I was not only able to take over responsibility early on but also contributed to important projects that had a lasting impact on the organization. Seeing the progress of the projects after leaving them is very satisfying to me. This highlights another special aspect about BC: after leaving the project, your clients remain colleagues and luckily your ways cross from time to time.
Christina Stiegler
Consultant Product Supply Department, Leverkusen
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What defines us as Business Consulting
Who we are

We support the top management in over 100 strategic projects per year worldwide, across all divisions and functions – primarily in the areas of strategy design, organizational development and performance improvement. We thus help drive the continuous development of one of the largest life science companies and have a tangible impact on Bayer’s contribution to healthcare and nutrition in the world. Learn more about how we are organized along the value chain and offer tailored support.

Our Research & Development team consists of a scientific backed team and develops strategies and optimizes processes in research, development and portfolio management. At the same time, digital innovations are developed to strengthen Bayer through a coordinated approach in the areas of R&D. This is achieved on the basis of alliances and collaborations in R&D and through process re-engineering, organizational design and performance improvement.

Our Product Supply team focuses on supply chain & manufacturing strategies and specializes in the optimization of the entire value chain – from designing our supplier relationships to developing the industry strategy and manufacturing footprint design to improving customer-oriented sales processes with a strong focus on digitalization improvement.

Our M&S team is composed by an enriching and capable team, who supports Bayer on strategic and forward-looking projects. The main tasks of our Marketing & Sales team are to support market research and to develop, optimize and implement strategies for M&S, as well as go-to-market strategies.

Our aim of our Business Transformation team is to support Bayer and its corporate functions in designing and implementing strategies and operating models and accompany them in specific transformations. Furthermore, we assess and optimize processes as well as organizational and managerial structures.

Our team

Faces at BC

Meet our colleagues across our regions from diverse backgrounds to shared goals and get ready to be inspired by the stories that weave us together.

Life at BC

Get a taste of who we are as a team and how we’re elevating team culture through unforgettable experiences!

#BetterPurpose #BetterGrowth #BetterLife

Colleagues who have joined us from external consultancies or other in-house consultancies have often chosen us because they find #betterpurpose, #bettergrowth and a #betterlife. But what does that mean?

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Business Consulting is the preferred consultancy of the Bayer Group, driving continuous development across all divisions and functions worldwide. With more than 100 strategic projects a year, we shape strategy, organizational development, and performance improvement. As a major in-house consultancy, we operate globally with 160 consultants and offices in Leverkusen, Whippany, St.Louis, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. Our specialized practice areas include Research & Development, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, and Business Transformation. Together, we make a tangible impact on health and nutrition. Join our diverse team of top talents and contribute to a better purpose.

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In terms of your personal development and career, the mission of Business Consulting is to develop future leaders for the Bayer Group. The wide variety of topics, fast project rotations (approximately every 3-6 months), early responsibility and frequent training will ensure your accelerated development.
At the same time, staying within the Bayer ecosystem allows you to strategically shape your career. By getting to know the company better project by project, you can identify your preferred leadership position and directly work towards it, building a lasting network and building up specific knowledge.
After 3-5 years with Business Consulting, you would typically decide on and rotate into your preferred succession position - as about a quarter of our team does each year. However, the timing is ultimately up to you, and you may choose to continue progressing your career within Business Consulting.

Better Life business Strategy

The key to our contribution to Bayer’s success is that we are not only consultants, but also colleagues to our clients. As a constant partner, we offer in-depth expertise, confidentiality, and a personal commitment to our own company’s success. In return, our clients welcome us with trust and collaboration.
As part of our team, you will therefore not only enjoy an environment of excellence and purpose, but also one of team spirit and fun. We also believe that a healthy work-life balance is the foundation for lasting performance and success.

Your career

Your development within Business Consulting will follow established career paths that are based on traditional management consulting career models and lead progressively to greater expertise and responsibility. You will have the opportunity to move to a subsequent position or to build a longer-term career in Business Consulting.

BC career path
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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity matters!

We are always looking for interns, recent graduates and experienced hires with fluent English skills, very good academic and/or professional achievement records, international experience, and a willingness to travel on a project basis.


Apply and join our Recruitment Day

If you are convinced to be a great match for Business Consulting, get prepared to be selected as our future team member. Following a successful application, we will invite you to take part in one of our interview days with focus on the following components. Our selection process slightly differs depending on your career level and the region you are applying for. Our recruiting team will provide you with all information you need. We're looking forward to your application!

/// Share your motivation and ambitions

/// Discuss your former experiences

/// Take on the role of a senior consultant and hold a meeting
/// Clarify various issues concerning cooperation

/// Guide your interview partner through your approach of analyses, hypotheses, and proposed solutions
/// Topics of cases are not based on experience and are assigned randomly

/// Prepare a presentation based on a given topic for your clients
/// Functional topics are selected with regard to your prior experiences

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