Update on COVID-19

Our Commitment During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Corona Ticker

We are contributing to the global fight against the coronavirus through our products and expertise in health and nutrition. Our corona ticker provides an up-to-date overview of our activities.

March 30

11:00 a.m. CEST: Bayer is making more than 40 virus diagnostic devices from its research facilities available at various locations in Germany, which will increase the nationwide COVID-19 analysis capacity by several thousand tests per day. We are also providing specially trained staff. NRW’s Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann expressly thanked the company for this contribution.

March 27

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05:15 p.m. CET: The Bayer Annual Stockholder’s Meeting this year will not look like this. We plan to hold our Annual Stockholders’ Meeting as an online-only event for the first time in Bayer’s history as a result of the continuing spread of the coronavirus. The health and wellbeing of participants in the stockholders’ meeting is a top priority for Bayer.

04:00 p.m. CET: Production in a pandemic: How to produce medicines in a state of emergency? Our recent report about our team in Garbagnate/Italy is currently demonstrating that in an impressive way.

08:00 a.m. CET: While testing for COVID-19 ramps up, there’s another kind of testing that will prove equally important to combating the pandemic: one that can detect whether someone has already been infected and therefore is protected. Leapsmag has published a very interesting interview about this. Leapsmag was created by Leaps by Bayer, a new innovation initiative whose mission is to “aim for fundamental breakthroughs in the life sciences – ‘leaps’ that have the potential to change our world for the better.”

March 26

09:00 a.m. CET: Researchers at Bayer have launched an internal platform under the tagline “Science4Help”. All of our researchers are encouraged to use this platform to share and discuss ideas for combating the coronavirus, as a way of enabling us to leverage our in-house creative potential.

08:00 a.m. CET: How long will we suffer from Corona? SynBioBeta, a partner of Leaps by Bayer, answers this in an easy to understand infographic.

March 25

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02:20 p.m. CET: The production employees work together to maintain production. Colleagues like here in Berlin enjoy coming to work and are proud of what they are currently doing - and rightly so! “The colleagues accepted and supported all the changes and the increased burden of the past weeks without complaint. You work with a motivation and productivity that is second to none. Everyone pulls together - for our common goal: to ensure the supply of medicines to patients, especially in these times. I am incredibly proud of our entire team at SCB”, says Norbert Nickel, 2nd Plant Manager Packaging Solids.

Brett Begemann, Chief Operating Officer, Crop Science

09:00 a.m. CET: “We are all in this together!” This is the headline of a letter to our customers from Brett Begemann, Chief Operating Officer, Crop Science. He writes: “You, the farmers – big or small in all parts of the globe, play a critical role in providing the world with a stable supply of food, feed, fiber and sometimes fuel. You are essential in keeping a health crisis from turning into so much more. Let me assure you that we are absolutely committed to providing the valuable seeds, crop protection and services that you need to help ensure food and feed are produced.”

08:00 a.m. CET: Employees of the Pharmaceuticals Division with a medical background can register to volunteer in the fight against the coronavirus. Bayer is supporting the local health care system by giving these employees paid leave for a period of up to 4 weeks so that they can volunteer during this time. With numerous physicians and paramedical practitioners among its staff, Bayer is well positioned to help meet the urgent demand for specialist personnel.

March 24

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10:30 a.m. CET: In Berlin and Wuppertal we are providing local hospitals with ventilators from our pharmacology labs. From our site in Dormagen, we are also providing the City of Leverkusen with urgently needed masks to keep health care workers safe.

March 22

03:00 p.m. CET: The WHO is launching a global study to test whether existing drug products can be used to treat corona. One of these products is Bayer’s active ingredient chloroquine (trade name: Resochin).

March 20

09:00 a.m. CET: We are assessing our capabilities for producing disinfectants, which are currently in such short supply, as a matter of urgency. In Germany we are drawing on the expertise of our plants in Wuppertal and Bergkamen. Our facility in Cimanggis, Indonesia, has decided to produce hand sanitizers locally to protect employees and their families. As of March 19th, they have already produced approximately 250 liters of disinfectants.

March 19

07:00 p.m. CET: Just recently it was announced that US health authorities will be supported in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 with the malaria drug chloroquine.

March 18

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01:00 p.m. CET: We are supporting hospitals in Lombardy, Italy, with a donation of one million euros. The money is being added to an aid fund that the regional authorities in Lombardy have set up to help procure urgently needed equipment for intensive care units in hospitals with the greatest needs.

March 17

10:00 a.m. CET: Bayer CEO Werner Baumann addresses all of the company’s stakeholders in a message. He pledges that Bayer will remain a dependable partner for its customers throughout the current crisis and that it will support health authorities all over the world in the fight against the epidemic.

March 13

11:30 a.m. CET: Bayer’s Board of Management sends a letter to employees around the world and outlines the top priorities during the crisis: protecting their health and keeping production running so that we can continue to supply our products to people who need them. All employees able to work from home are asked to do so.

Our contribution to fighting corona

The coronavirus presents the world with major challenges. “As a company active in the areas of health and nutrition, we can provide substantial help in overcoming the crisis with our products and our expertise,” says Werner Baumann, Chairman of the Board of Management. “Our employees are working round the clock to do just that.”

Bayer is focusing on three areas to assist in tackling the crisis:

Looking after our employees’ health

  • The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. The coronavirus presents a serious risk, and we have taken the necessary steps to limit its spread.
  • We are regularly updating our employees on the latest developments. Advice on what everyone can do to prevent the virus from spreading is posted on our intranet.
  • All employees can work from home until further notice if their duties allow. With schools and day care centers closed, this gives them the flexibility to temporarily look after their children themselves or make alternative arrangements.

Maintaining the supply of our products and services to hospitals, doctors, patients, consumers and farmers

  • We’re working at full steam to ensure business continuity so that we can provide patients, consumers and farmers with the products they urgently need at this time.
  • Our organization, and especially our production facilities, have so far been operating largely problem-free.
  • Should the situation continue to worsen, the emergency response plans we have prepared for all sites will be implemented as necessary to ensure our facilities continue to operate safely and effectively for as long as possible.

As part of our social commitment we are providing governments, health authorities and municipalities with urgently needed medicines, medical supplies, expertise and financial assistance

  • We’re assisting in the search for a new active substance to treat COVID-19. Pharmaceutical companies and universities are working together to search for a new substance. Here, we’re providing access to our substance library and conducting screening work to find a potential active ingredient. Bayer is supporting the COVID-19 Therapeutic Accelerator Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is also contributing to the search for an active substance to treat COVID-19 as part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).
  • We’re providing financial assistance in severely affected regions. In addition to providing financial support in China, we also recently donated one million euros to an aid fund in Italy that will be used to buy urgently needed apparatus for intensive care units and protective equipment. These are just two examples of the many ways we’re helping. We’ve set up our own task force to provide assistance quickly and efficiently.