Breakthrough Innovations for the Future of Farming

Research and Development

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We exist to help farmers, consumers and our planet thrive—and we believe that innovation is crucial to addressing the challenges facing the global food system. That is why we are continuously innovating to provide farmers all over the world with the best possible solutions to address these challenges. To do this, we invest more in research and development than any other company in the industry


Tailored Solutions

We work collaboratively with farmers to understand the tools, decisions and conditions that drive success in their fields. From digital tools to crop protection, from plant breeding to biotechnology, the perfect solution for one field may not fit the next. By combining these innovations, we’re able to offer tailored solutions for each farmer’s unique challenges and opportunities. We partner with farmers of all types, providing the data and digital tools they need to measure and analyze the information gathered from their fields to plan the best solutions for each growing season.


Helping Farmers Make More-Informed Decisions

At Bayer, we do more than just address existing challenges. We work with farmers to identify opportunities inherent to each field through data-driven insights that inform complex decision making, and products that help them make the most of every piece of farmland. Through The Climate Corporation, we provide cutting-edge digital tools to support farmers as they plan each growing season. Learn more about our approach to data and digital tools on the farm.


Addressing Threats to Crops

Environmental threats—damaging insects, invasive diseases andweeds—lurk in every field and impact crop health. These threats are compounded by unpredictable and extreme weather brought on by climate change. By understanding data collected from every part of their fields, farmers can better monitor these threats to determine the best approach for protecting their crops with precise application of safe and effective crop protection practices and products. Beyond our robust portfolio of crop protection products, our team of scientists is working to develop sustainable, crop protection innovations to help farmers adapt to the ever-changing challenges they face each day.

Our researchers work to optimize opportunities inherent to each grower’s field through data-driven recommendations to support the complex decision making, and yield-enhancing products to make the most of every acre.

Preserving and Protecting Our Environment

Advances in data analytics, herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant systems, and ag biologicals all help farmers protect our natural resources like land, air and water, and reduce the amount of purchased inputs—like crop protection and production products—needed for successful harvests. Modern agriculture technologies have increased farmers’ productivity exponentially, and, perhaps most importantly, they’ve helped reduce the impact of agriculture on our environment.