Future of Farming Dialogue

Tomorrow Belongs to All of Us

The history of human progress belongs to all of us. Leaps in health and nutrition are ours to share. And so is the responsibility of moving agriculture — and the world — forward. Together, we can shape what’s possible.


The Future of Farming Dialogue is an annual global event that brings together journalists, influencers, growers, and key stakeholders to share ideas for tomorrow. To consider how we sustainably produce enough healthy food for our growing population. And to pursue the future of agriculture through digital tools and innovation.



Explore presentations from key Bayer leaders at Future of Farming Dialogue 2019 and learn more about our commitment to sustainability.



FoFD 2019 Recap

Future of Farming Dialogue 2019 brought together a diverse group of speakers to discuss the unique challenges facing farmers — like fighting climate change on the farm and using sustainable innovation to feed our growing population.




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FoFD 2019 At-A-Glance

Explore photos from Future of Farming Dialogue 2019 — and expand the events below to find recorded presentations and panels from the event.


Day One



Influencers explored the Damianshof ForwardFarm, where Bayer representatives demonstrated sustainable farming and discussed plant breeding techniques to meet consumer demand.

Damianshof ForwardFarm Visit

  • Think Like a Farmer Hands-On Challenge
  • Introduction of Jackie Applegate and Interactive Tasting Experience

Day Two


Bayer leaders and industry experts came together to discuss how farmers around the world are pursuing sustainable solutions and new innovation to face their biggest challenges.

Day Three


Bayer leaders and industry experts outlined the importance of protecting the environment while producing enough food for our growing population.

2019 Featured Speakers

konstantin-kockerols    Konstantin Kockerols
    2017 Youth Ag Summit Alum



frank-sesno    Frank Sesno
    Dean, School of Media and Public Affairs, The George                Washington University



sara-wyant    Sara Wyant
    Founder and President, Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc.


miguel-altieriMiguel Altieri
Professor, University of California --Berkeley



katie-brownKatie Brown
Senior Vice President, Sustainable Nutrition, National Dairy Council



louis-demasoLouis DeMaso
Sustainability and Operations Analyst, Lipman Farms



dhanush-dineshDhanush Dinesh
Global Policy Engagement Manager, CCASF



john-dombroskyJohn Dombrosky



michael-doverMichael Dover
CEO, Martinagro S.A., President, CREA (Regional Consortium for Agricultural Experimentation)



ebba-engstromEbba Engstrom
Youth Ag Summit Alum, Sweden



pam-johnsonPam Johnson
Global Farmer Network Member, U.S. Farmer



ralf-kelleRalf Kelle
Vice President, Evonik



patience-kokuPatience Koku
CEO, Replenish Farms



bill-liaoBill Liao
General Partner of SOSV and Founder of RebelBio



rodrigo-c.a.-limaRodrigo C.A. Lima
Partner, Agroicone



ginya-truitt-nakataGinya Truitt Nakata
Regional Director, Latin America & the Caribbean, International Potato Center



okisegere-ojepatOkisegere Ojepat
CEO, Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya



bernd-olligsBernd Olligs
German farmer and member of the Bayer ForwardFarm network



andrea-zorzettoAndrea Zorzetto
Youth Ag Summit Alum, Italy

jackie-applegateJackie Applegate
Head of Vegetable Seeds & Environmental Science, Bayer



dirk-backhausDirk Backhaus
Head of Product Supply, Bayer



matthias-berningerMatthias Berninger
Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Bayer AG



liam-condonLiam Condon
President of the Crop Science Division, Bayer



sam-eathingtonSam Eathington
Chief Science Officer, The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer



matheus-guerattoMatheus Gueratto
Regional Marketing Segment Manager - Forestry & IVM of the Crop Science Division, Bayer



andy-kneppAndy Knepp
Head of Environmental Strategy & Industry Activation, Crop Science Division, Bayer



klaus-kunzKlaus Kunz
Head of Sustainability and Business Stewardship, Crop Science Division of Bayer



everlyn-musyokaEverlyn Musyoka
Kenya Commercial Lead, Bayer



bob-reiterBob Reiter
Head of Research & Development of the Crop Science Division, Bayer



beth-rodenBeth Roden
Head of Global Communications, Crop Science Division, Bayer



stella-salvoStella Salvo
Head of Development & Deployment, Bayer



frank-terhorstFrank Terhorst
Head of Crop Strategy and Portfolio Management, Bayer



axel-trautweinAxel Trautwein
Head of R&D - Small Molecules, Bayer