Shaping Agriculture through Innovation



There has never been a more important time for innovation in agriculture. Our world faces enormous challenges including a changing climate, limited natural resources and a growing population. We believe that innovation is crucial to address these challenges. That’s why we’re committed to delivering better solutions for all farmers, helping them, consumers and our planet thrive.



Innovations to help farmers grown enough for a growing world


Our industry-leading innovation engine builds on a unique combination of seeds and traits, crop protection and digital tools. We offer farmers tailored solutions to reflect the specific needs of their farms, crops and soil, all while preserving our environment. Bringing together Bayer’s expertise across these disciplines uniquely positions us to deliver more innovation to help farmers meet the needs of a growing world sustainably and responsibly.

Every field, crop, and farmer is different; each with their own needs, challenges, and goals. At Bayer, we aim to empower farmers to achieve their best harvest each growing season and foster sustainable, reliable growth for their businesses and communities. Like farmers, we think in generations. We work to ensure bountiful harvests today and to leave the planet and our communities in better shape for our children and the generations to come