Bayer Meets Start-ups at CUBE Tech Fair 2018!

The CUBE Tech Fair brings global visibility to the most important industries in start-up innovation by promoting projects between leading industry players and start-ups. The event was back for its second year, with founding partner Bayer bringing around 60 colleagues along.

The two-day event centered around innovation in the fields of cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence and automation, sustainability, and solutions that close the gap between the physical and digital world. 200 selected start-ups presented their solutions to the over 5,000 visitors, during around 1,000 meetings arranged with potential business partners and investors. “Both sides benefit from this exciting format,” explains Daniel Hartert, Chief Information Officer of Bayer and head of Business Services. “The start-ups benefit from our extensive experience in entering markets and scaling up business, for instance, and we profit from their new ideas, solutions and business models. It is this combination that is key to successful innovations.”

Bayer auf der CUBE Tech Fair: Open up new spaces in the digital area


CUBE is a Berlin-based global innovation ecosystem that aims to promote, create, and foster partnerships between industry players and start-ups in digital health and life sciences, infrastructure and interconnectivity, as well as machinery and manufacturing.
As a global founding partner of CUBE, Bayer represents the key themes of life sciences and digital health.

CUBE Tech Fair

200 start-ups
over 5.000 guests
1.000 meetings

Sebastian Guth from Bayer Pharmaceuticals offers an outlook on the opportunities unleashed by new technologies.
Jens Spahn (l.), the Federal Minister of Health, and Sebastian Guth discuss the opportunities of digitalization for healthcare.
Tome Maes (l.) head of Innovation Management, Corporate Technology Manufacturing talks with Michael Müller (m.), the Governing Mayor of Berlin, and Daniel Hartert (r.), CIO of Bayer, about the Digital4Eyes-Challenge.
Michael Müller (r.), the Governing Mayor of Berlin, tests a prototype of the Digital4Eyes-Challenge.
In a Fireside Chat Abel Archundia Pineda (r.) Global head of IT, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and Sally Daub, Founder and Managing Partner of Enlitic, talk about the potential of Artificial Intelligence.
The CUBE Tech Fair 2018 took place on the 15. and 16. May in the Arena Berlin.

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