"Science For A Better Life" Tour

Hands-on Science – Our Interactive Exhibition on a World Tour

Experience science hands on! Bayer is sending its exciting, interactive exhibition “Science For A Better Life” on a world tour. Each individual science display gives kids and adults a chance to see, learn and experience for themselves.

The Tour Schedule 2017

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Opening of New Premises
March 24 – April 7, 2017

Many people were fascinated by The Science For A Better Life Tour in 2015 and 2016. Enjoy the most beautiful moments in Leverkusen, Saudi Arabia, Berlin, Milano and Shanghai in our gallery.

Science For A Better Life Tour Gallery

Hands-on Science

At most museums or exhibitions, the visitors are warned “Do not touch,” but on the Bayer tour that rule does not apply. On the contrary, the exhibits – cells, transparent screens, both analog and digital games and much more besides – are designed specifically to be touched and tried out. The innovative exhibition concept combines entertaining and informative elements that encourage visitors to interact with the displays.

The Letters on the Exhibit Boxes Combine to Spell out Bayer's Mission, "Science For a Better Life"

  • Since 2016 the brand new selfie box is a real highlight of the exhibition. This young boy had a lot fun with it at the “International Children’s Lifestyle Expo” in Shanghai.
  • The tour is perfect for families with children of any age. This family at the EXPO Hecho en Alemania in Mexico City loved the interactive letters.
Since 2016 the brand new selfie box is a real highlight of the exhibition. This young boy had a lot fun with it at the “International Children’s Lifestyle Expo” in Shanghai.

The exhibits comprise 21 approximately two-meter-high informative boxes with capital letters, each of which refers to a Bayer topic, from A for “Aspirin™” and E for “Enhancing Global Food Security” through to S for “Science.”

Each box contains images and informational text on the scientific background and social aspects of the Bayer topic in question. Visitors are also invited to experiment and test their scientific skills. For example, they can go up against the clock fighting insect pests and weeds with Bayer products in a buzzer quiz, or insert the right building blocks into the DNA of wheat to block the plant's stress gene and make it more robust. Thus, the scientific exhibition becomes an exciting, thrilling and rich excursion for kids and adults.

Exhibition for Extracurricular Education and Excursions

The scientific exhibition “Science For A Better Life” offers school kids and high schools in particular an extracurricular activity offering exciting and interesting chances to discover natural sciences, biology or applied chemistry, try out something new, understand scientific relationships and consolidate knowledge learned in school. Sensational experiments bring theory to life. All in all, a revealing educational excursion!

How It All Began...

Highlights of the Bayer Anniversary Tour in 2013

Since 2013, the year of Bayer`s 150th Anniversary, the “Science For A Better Life” Tour has travelled the world welcoming over 250,000 exhibition visitors so far. Major cities such as London, Sao Paulo, New York and Sydney were on the itinerary.

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