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Q2 2018 All in One Download Package
Q2 2018 Analyst and Investor Briefing
Transcript Q2 2018 Investor Conference Call 2018-09-05
Supplemental financial information ahead of Q2 2018 results
Bayer AG Subscription Offer June 5, 2018
Bayer AG Capital Increase Prospectus June 5, 2018
Bayer AG Ad-hoc Announcement June 03, 2018
Monsanto Acquisition Update June 2018
ASM 2018 Countermotions and election proposals
ASM 2018 Update of the proposed resolution regarding Item 1
ASM 2018 Report of the Board of Management regarding the utilization of the Authorized Capital II
Q2 2018 Investor Conference Call Presentation Charts
Bayer AG Ad-hoc Announcement April 16, 2018
ASM 2018 Explanation of Stockholder Rights
Stockholders' Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2004