Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2023

Important Dates

February 28, 2023

Financial News Conference

March 02, 2023

Publication of the Notice of the virtual Stockholders’ Meeting in the Federal Gazette

March 28, 2023 (24:00 CEST)

Deadline for the submission of requests for additions to the Agenda

From March 31, 2023

Distribution of the Notice of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to Stockholders in the share register

Internet service for stockholders starts

April 13, 2023 (24:00 CEST)

Deadline for the submission of countermotions and proposals for election

April 21, 2023 (24:00 CEST)

Last date for providing notice of intention to attend the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2023

April 22, 2023 (24:00 CEST)

Deadline for the submission of shareholder statements

April 28, 2023

Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Bayer AG 2023

April 28, 2023 (when voting is closed by the chair on the day of the Meeting)

ASM internet service for stockholders closes in regard to the exercise of voting rights

May 04, 2023

Planned dividend payment day

May 11, 2023

Q1 2023 Quarterly Statement

August 8, 2023

2023 Half-Year Report

November 8, 2023

Q3 2023 Quarterly Statement


The dates of further financial events can be found on our Investor Events pages.


All times indicated on this page are in Central European Time (CET) up to and including March 25, 2023, and in Central European Summer Time (CEST) as of March 26, 2023. In terms of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), UTC = CET minus one hour, and UTC = CEST minus two hours.