Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2023

Stockholder Statements

Right to submit statements

Stockholders had the option to submit their statements in text form via the Stockholders’ Portal from Friday, March 31, 2023 up until Saturday, April 22, 2023, 24:00 CEST and had to be in German.


The Stockholders’ Portal is operated on behalf of Bayer AG by Computershare Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG according to the instructions of Bayer AG agreed by way of a contractually regulated cooperation.


A statement must not exceed 10,000 characters in length. Further information on submitting statements will be made available on the Stockholders’ Portal. Motions, proposals for election, requests for information and objections to the resolutions of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting set out in the statements submitted will not be taken into account. These are to be submitted only in the way separately described in this Notice.



Statements properly submitted in text form prior to the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting were published here, along with the name of the stockholder who made the submission, until May 31, 2022.