In times of pandemic, many things can be postponed – but health cannot wait

We have probably never been more aware and concerned about our health than we are right now. More than a year into the pandemic, most of our attention has been on a single virus. But it is critically important to look beyond COVID-19 to take care of our health – from preventive care to diagnosis to treatment of other serious diseases.

Always consult your health care provider with questions or concerns you may have regarding your health to discuss your individual situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to think differently about our health.  At the same time, many people have delayed or deprioritized going to the doctor for regular health check-ups or screenings because of concerns of getting the virus. Last year, surgeries were postponed where possible due to changing lockdown orders and over-stretched healthcare systems needing to adopt new protocols and prioritize urgent needs. Though these restrictions eased, many patients’ concerns did not. Many people are also having a hard time taking care of their everyday health through regular exercise and diet because of lifestyle changes like juggling a job with homeschooling children.

However, de-prioritizing health can have a negative impact. For example, regular exams and checkups can potentially identify health issues at an early stage and enable patients and their doctors to take action, also in terms of prevention.

“Diseases do not comply with shutdowns. Vigilant screening and early diagnosis remain vital”, says Prof. Dr. Olaf Weber, Head of Radiology R&D at Bayer. “Also, small but meaningful actions are a good place to start, like committing to improving our personal health, supporting someone we love fighting with a disease, and educating ourselves more.”

Hear from healthcare professionals why health cannot wait:


It’s time to re-focus on individual health

In many cases, routine screenings and elective procedures took a back seat due to the novel coronavirus. But as the pandemic continues to be part of our daily life, it is important to return to care where appropriate and reschedule critical screenings and appointments that may have been postponed. Early detection can make a huge difference in the treatment and outcome of many diseases, while prevention as well as regular exercise and making sure you have the right nutrition, including vitamins and minerals, help you stay fit and healthy as you age.