“I Feel Lucky That I’m Not Fighting Alone.”

The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus has brought unprecedented tension around China since January. With the increasing number of confirmed cases and the shortage of helpers and protective medical products, this spring festival is destined to be a tough one for all Chinese people.

Under this circumstance, Bayer is donating medicines and additional financial aid worth a total of approximately EUR 1.5 million to support the population affected by the outbreak of the novel virus in China. To make sure the province Hubei gets what it needs in time to fight this virus, the next step of this donation shall not be delayed – supply and shipment.


In the PH Supply Centers in Beijing and Guangzhou, our colleagues and stakeholders have been working around the clock, to make sure that all the medicines are timely packaged, labeled and loaded, ready for delivery.


During Chinese New Year, Huang Zhiwei from the Guangzhou Supply Center was the first to rush back to the factory. "When we received this special assignment, 18 colleagues signed up for it voluntarily within one hour. It really brought me courage, because we are fighting as a team,” he said.


Ai Yulin from Supply Chain Management travelled 140 kilometers in just one day to ensure the delivery of the donated medicines from Regional Distribution Centers, while all the other citizens are highly suggested to stay indoors and keep away from the crowd.


Bayer staff labeling Avelox boxes with “sales forbidden, for donation only”


As the situation intensifies, China is now in a critical moment in this virus fight. Frontline colleagues are receiving new product orders and requirements every day. Although they return after sunset every day, each of them has received encouragement and understanding from their family.


Yang Kun, a colleague from BJ Supply Center who has been with Bayer for 15 years. He shared: “Although my family was worried about me, they encouraged me to do the right thing. And they are proud of me.”


Although they had to give up the precious moment with family members, many of Yang’s coworkers chose to do the same. They inspired and supported each other. Gradually, they became a “family”.


Within just a few days, all the PH medicines have arrived at the designated places.


Red Cross is receiving the donated medicines in Hubei Province


In addition, 2,036 packages (401,720 boxes in total) of Consumer Health products (the Vitamin C supplement RedoxonTM and the painkiller SaridonTM) were packed within 24 hours, ready for delivery.


Jacqueline Ma, from CH Supply Chain Management is in charge of coordinating logistics recourses. ”During this special period, we have three big trucks delivering packages to Hubei province from Shanghai day and night. Our stakeholders, vendors, and partners are going all out, with no complaint. I feel lucky that I’m not fighting alone,” she said.


Truck drivers are delivering medicines to Hubei Province from Shanghai day and night.


In fact, no one is alone in this situation. Instead, we are fighting as one. One Bayer. There are more than just four names in this list of helping employees. With teamwork, confidence and determination, we will eventually win. Altogether, we are looking forward to embracing the upcoming spring, when we can cure the disease and the affected patients.


Lucy Zhang
Communication at Bayer in Shanghai