Personal Health Innovation

The Future of Self-Care


Every day, more and more people are able to take control of their health by either treating what ails them or preventing what might.


For over 150 years, we’ve used innovation to enable this progress. From the revolutionary development of Aspirin to manage pain and improve heart health to the transformative power of Claritin to help people enjoy the outdoors, our innovations have helped people live fuller lives. And we have ideas for the future. 


Through new innovations we are working to make personal health more effective, more sustainable, more accessible, and…well, more personal. Because the best way to care for people is to empower them to care for themselves.


But first, we listen

Learning from patients and healthcare professionals is the best way to understand what they need from their healthcare system, and it improves global wellbeing. So, before we innovate our pipeline of products and services, we work to understand people’s needs through consumer and medical insights.


Because health is personal, innovation needs to be

The rapid growth in digital technologies, and our advanced understanding of biology, are converging in exciting new ways that impact how we access, use and make our health decisions. One way this technology improves health outcomes is by making healthcare more personalized. Below are a few examples. Some are Bayer investments, some are internal innovations, and others are companies we’ve acquired.

Bayer is a majority stakeholder in the company Care/of. By delivering vitamins and supplements in convenient daily packs, Care/of makes it easy for customers to establish consistent routines and live healthier.

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Bayer launched two probiotic solutions in China that were developed exclusively for the gut microbiome of Chinese people.

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Advancements in AI technology will continue to inform the future of personal health. So, Bayer is investing in Ada Health. They make tools to help people understand their symptoms, identify conditions with a high degree of medical accuracy, and point them to the right care, at the right time.

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When it comes to human health, most solutions are not one-size-fits-all. This is the thinking we bring to our new product development. Our range of dermatology products designed to protect you from scalp to sole.

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We are working with our partner, Huma, to study how the use of digital assessments can give people the ability to better understand their risk of cardiovascular disease, enabling them to better prevent disease or repeat events.

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