Partnering With us

Bayer is a good choice for your project. We look forward to working with you to jointly advance innovation in healthcare.

Why partnering with Bayer is a good choice

You turned a great idea into a research project, maybe advanced it into clinical development or further. Now you are looking for a strong, reliable and flexible partner who can help you take your work to the next stage and make the most out of its potential. Here’s why Bayer can be the right partner for you.


We have the expertise and infrastructure you need

Bayer is a global company with a long, successful heritage in our therapeutic areas. We offer you profound know-how in drug discovery and development. Our scientists work with the latest technologies and we are part of active scientific networks across our research fields. We also contribute our long-standing, global experience and capacities in marketing and sales as well as expertise on legal, regulatory, and financial aspects. We can offer you the full drug discovery and development infrastructure and know-how it takes to make your great project a great success. In short: we are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care about every project!


We are collaboration-oriented and innovation-minded

The people at Bayer are driven by their passion for scientific research and innovation for the benefit of patients – in line with the Bayer vision of leveraging “Science For A Better Life”. And we strongly believe that combining our know-how with partners is the key to innovation. Joining forces, we can take medical progress to the next stage and achieve better results faster. In short: collaboration is in our DNA!


We collaborate with you on eye-level

Signing a contract with a big pharmaceutical company makes you nervous? Don’t worry: working with you on eye-level at all stages of our alliance is very important for us. We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all collaboration projects and that our partners bring in their individual perspectives and preferences. We believe in an individual approach to each partnership and are flexible on deal structures and regional needs. Our overall goal is a true partnership which allows both sides to develop and prosper. In short: we are flexible enough to tailor solutions that will fit both parties’ expectations.


You can rely on us

The contract is only the beginning. Successful, long-term alliances need trust and the right ‘chemistry’ on all levels from lab to management. We will be a committed partner for the entire duration of our collaboration with you. Each alliance will be assigned a dedicated Alliance Manager who will be your first point of contact and help to solve any question that may turn up over time. Over the years, our partners have come to appreciate our honesty, reliability and our passion for each project. In short: we stand by our commitments and treat our partners with respect.