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Grown from a 300 person assembly to a world-renowned event – Bayer has been one of the partners at Europe's largest startup event Slush in 2016–2018 in Helsinki, Finland.

What Is Slush?

Slush is a technology conference for startups and tech talents to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media organized annually in Helsinki. Whether one is looking for investors, mentoring or new co-operation partners and business ideas, Slush offers a unique opportunity to reach the right audience and engage with the tech community.

Our focus at Slush 2018 was in business matchmaking: screening for potential innovation partners to support the global success of Bayer and finding new interesting contacts.


Buzzing atmosphere of Slush 2018.

To imagine the scale of the event: from a once 300-person assembly in just a few short years it has grown into one of the leading events of its kind. In 2018, 20,000 attendees, 3,100 startups, and 1,800 investors from 130 countries came to Slush to drive the world’s transition into the Digital Age.


attendees, 3,100 startups and 1,800 investors from 130 countries.

Slush 2018 Bayer team.
Slush 2018: 20,000 attendees, 3,100 startups, 1,800 investors from over 130 countries.
Bayer colleagues participating Slush 2018 represent different parts of our global organization.
Bayer Foundations acts as a catalyst for societal progress by connecting impact pioneers to funding, power and knowledge.
Lots of interesting speakers.
Buzzing atmosphere.

At Bayer, we want to inspire people within the life science and startup communities to innovate together with us and help them to succeed in global breakthrough. We offer various Open Innovation programs and initiatives for startups, innovators and academia to increase the interest in advancing life.

Let’s bring great ideas to life!

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