Engaging For A Better Life

At the heart of Bayer’s societal engagement is a dedicated team working with global partners to sustainably improve our planet and its people.


Bayer Foundation’s vision is to catalyze science impact and social innovation for a world with Health for All and Hunger for None. We are doing this by supporting the development of scientific breakthroughs, as well as by levering the power of social innovation and entrepreneurialism to enable communities to thrive.


Through the globally-operating Bayer Foundation, the Bayer Group provides funding for leading-edge research, talented individuals, and innovative educational and social projects. In 2019 (including the newly acquired crop science business) Bayer provided around €61m for nonprofit projects and activities worldwide.


Bayer Foundation’s Science Impact programs catalyze science impact by:


  • recognizing scientific achievements with awards
  • supporting scientific research with fellowships
  • advancing education with support programs
  • curating collaborative ecosystems with global partners


Our Social Innovation programs catalyze social innovations by:


  • scaling the impact of social enterprises
  • empowering women with role-model awards
  • spring-boarding solutions with entrepreneurial programs
  • curating collaborative ecosystems with global partners


Besides our societal engagement through the Bayer Foundation, Bayer focuses on the following fields of action:


  • Sports
  • Culture


With the Bayer Fund (formerly known as the Monsanto Fund) we provide funding for projects and initiatives in the fields of community development, food and nutrition, education, and disaster aid.


Funding for Foundation and Charity Activities 2020