For a better life

Our Brand

A group of people are playing with colored powder.

At Bayer, we want to make lives better.
And we believe science is the key.

At Bayer, we're excited about the future and all its possibilities. Advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most. Because the solutions we create will advance life tomorrow, and help people and the planet to thrive. We believe we must strive for a better tomorrow, so we can all live life to its full potential.


With people living longer and the population growing, everyone wants to stay healthy and have enough to eat. This is a huge challenge for the global community – and it’s what motivates and drives us at Bayer. Every day we put our knowledge and skills to work on behalf of humankind, inventing and delivering products that help make life just a little better. That’s essentially what we’re all about.


We call this:

The logo for science for a better life.

What Does Our Brand Stand for?

Bayer logo

The Bayer Cross is one of the best-known trademarks in the world. For generations, Bayer has stood for competence, quality and trust.

But there are also other attributes that we associate with our brand:



// Inspiring positivity: yes, we can create a better tomorrow.



// Where our sense of duty and enthusiasm combine.



// Acting as leader and being confident in driving progress.


These brand attributes guide our look and feel and set our tone of voice - warm, human, confident, dynamic and energetic.

Bayer in global Brand and Reputation Rankings

Multiple brand and reputation rankings are regularly published in renowned business or trade media worldwide. Due to their global spread and robust methodology, a few of these rankings have a considerable impact on how important stakeholders perceive the Bayer brand. Moreover, they provide a worth knowing benchmark on how Bayer fares in comparison to peers. Below, please find recent results of some of the most relevant rankings worldwide: 

In the "World’s Most Admired Companies" ranking by U.S. business magazine Fortune, Bayer comes ninth out of all chemical companies worldwide in terms of its image. The Group enjoys a strong reputation in the industry, in particular in the areas of innovation and people management.


About this Ranking:
To determine the best-regarded companies in 52 industries, executives, directors, and analysts were asked to rate enterprises in their own industry on nine reputation criteria. A company’s score must rank in the top half of its industry survey to be listed. World’s Most Admires Companies ranking has been conducted annually since 1997 and is one of the most cited and recognized global reputation benchmarks.

Bayer is among the world’s top brands in the pharmaceutical industry according to the current ranking "Global 500 – Annual Report on the Most Valuable and Strongest Global Brands" by the London-based rating agency Brand Finance, in which Bayer takes fifth place in 2022 with a brand value of $5,451m.


About this Ranking:
Each year Brand Finance – one of the world’s most influential brand rating agencies – determines the most valuable and strongest brands using the “Royalty Relief Approach”, which values the company brand based on the hypothetical cash flows that are saved because the respective business owns the brand, and therefore does not need to license it.

Great Place to Work

Bayer produces and sells a variety of medicines and other products – but none of this would be possible without the great many people who work here.

That’s why it’s important that our staff are happy to remain on board, and that we continue to attract talented new hires with profiles that match Bayer’s aspirations. They also want to know what Bayer stands for – what it’s like to work here, and what we expect from our staff.

At Bayer, people with a passion to innovate get the chance to turn their ideas into reality.