Making Science Make Sense®

Inspiring innovators

As a life science company, Bayer uniquely understands the integral role science plays in everyday life. Making Science Make Sense (MSMS), Bayer’s companywide, national award-winning STEM education initiative, seeks to advance science literacy across the United States through hands-on, inquiry-based learning, employee volunteerism, community partnerships and public education.


With its foundation in research, innovation and technology, Bayer has a strong stake in improving STEM education and ensuring that all individuals are scientifically literate.


The MSMS campaign “Say TkU” campaign, for example, gave students and adults a chance to express appreciation for a science teacher who made a lasting impact.


Making Science Make Sense has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions for Bayer, including two U.S. presidential awards.
  • President’s Service Award
  • The Presidential Award in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring
  • Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership
  • National Science Board's Public Service Award
  • Foreign Policy Association’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Keystone Center’s Leadership in Education Award
  • The Conference Board’s Best in Class Award
  • North Carolina Governor’s Business Partnership Award
  • Wildlife Habitat Council’s Corporate Lands for Learning Award
  • Carnegie Science Center’s Chairman’s Award
  • Berkeley Public Education Foundation Business Partner of the Year Award
  • Northern California Association for Women in Science Award
  • Texas Board of Education’s Heroes for Children Award
  • South Carolina State Board of Education’s Business Award for Volunteer Efforts


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