Making Science Make Sense

Education Reform

s2s-lab-2_1.jpg Igniting change and improving science literacy.


Bayer advocates for innovation in the classroom

Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense® initiative seeks a fundamental change in how science is taught and learned from kindergarten through college and graduate school.


In the pre-college years, this involves shifting from textbooks to real world, hands-on lessons. Experts agree that when students learn science through inquiry-based, experiential lessons, it helps them become scientifically literate and develop important lifelong analytical skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and thriving on teamwork – skills highly prized in today’s workplace.


At the higher education level, it’s about helping two- and four-year colleges and universities improve their STEM recruitment and retention efforts so that all students – especially females and underrepresented minorities – have an opportunity to achieve and excel. It’s about developing talent and ensuring a diverse, well-educated pipeline to feed the STEM innovation workforce.