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At Bayer, advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most. Here you can watch the most fascinating Bayer Videos and explore how the life science changes people’s quality of lives.

Leaps by Bayer / Chapter Two: Dare to Leap (1:35  Jan. 2020)

The Leaps by Bayer Story (2:37   Jan. 2020)

Progress is Human (1:00 Sept. 2019)

What Do We Really Think About Science (8:44  Aug. 2019)

The History of Cancer Treatment (2:10  Feb. 2019)

Bayer - Our Brand (0:49  Oct. 2018)

Bayer - Who We Are (6:12 Oct. 2018)

Could advanced microbes really replace artificial fertilizer? (2:49  Aug. 2018)

Leaps by Bayer / Chapter One: The Leap of Faith (1:38  Nov. 2017) 

Passion to innovate | Power to change - Bayer's employer brand video (2:16  Sept. 2016)