Why does Bayer perform animal testing?

Are animal tests really necessary for our research? Yes they are - and they are also a legal requirement.

Animal welfare is close to many people’s hearts. This is equally true for Bayer, particularly as Animal Health is one of our divisions. Animal testing is a vital part of the development of new drug products and as such is prescribed and regulated by Germany’s Animal Welfare Act and other legislation. Animal tests help predict how the human organism will react to an active ingredient, as all mammals’ bodily functions – whether human or animal – work in an astonishingly similar way.

The fact that we cannot do without animal testing means that we have a triple responsibility – to reduce the use of animals to the absolute minimum required, to avoid unnecessary suffering by the trial animals, and to actively participate in developing alternative test methods, such as using state-of-the-art computer simulations.

Our animal studies are carried out in strict compliance with existing legislation and guidelines and are also subject to our own internal rules.

Our website on animal testing include further, more detailed information.

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