Breakthrough Innovations in the Life Sciences

What would be a leap of faith in science? Leaps by Bayer is spearheading a movement to make paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences – targeting the breakthroughs that could fundamentally change the world for the better.


Breaking through the impossible

Across healthcare and agriculture, Leaps by Bayer is aiming to conquer ten huge challenges facing humanity. Some people call them impossible. We call them leaps.


Ten times the risk, ten times the collaboration

The scale of our mission requires an entirely new, long-term approach, which goes beyond conventional limits. We increase by orders of magnitude the levels of investment, risk, and trust involved.


Brave, open, and conscious

To move forward responsibly, everything we do must be in the spirit of brave, open, and conscious innovation. And it is vital that we create a neutral space for critical engagement.

“Leaps by Bayer” has formerly been communicated as “The Bayer Lifescience Center”.


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