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  • Passion to innovate || Power to change

    Our working culture is driven by our passion and the fascination to think ahead. That is why we encourage you to question the status quo and constantly think beyond the obvious.

  • “research” – The Bayer Scientific Magazine

    Networking for better healthcare

    All around the world, pharmaceutical researchers are united by a huge mission: the search for powerful treatments capable of prolonging life. Bayer experts are therefore cooperating with top scientists from around the globe.

  • The Bigger Picture

    Champions of Soy

    Thanks to the soybean, Brazilian agriculture has seen exponential growth in recent years. At the same time, the country’s agrarian sector is transforming into one of the most sustainable in the world. Visit our champions of soy in Brazil and learn more about the production of soy.


Interactive Exhibition

Hands-on Science!

Visit Bayer’s interactive Science For A Better Life Tour in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia from September 10 to 14.


Bayer Group

Planned Acquisition and Cooperation

Bayer plans to acquire consumer care business of US-based Merck & Co., Inc. and to engage in strategic pharma cooperation in the field of sGC modulators.



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