Advancing Personal and Patient Health

Jumbotron Health

Each and every one of us has unique needs when it comes to our individual health, which is why we’re advancing ways to improve healthcare for everyone.


Care is the core of our work. Behind every scientific breakthrough, we’re motivated to develop solutions that will help achieve our mission of Health for all, Hunger for None. That means accelerating pharmaceutical innovations like therapies and treatments that can help prevent, treat, or potentially even cure diseases. It also means developing solutions such as over-the-counter medicines and nutritional supplements that enable more people to take charge of their personal health. And that’s only the beginning. Our comprehensive approach to healthcare including both “well” care and sickcare helps empower better outcomes for everyone—consumers, patients, providers and healthcare systems—so we can all build a healthier future.  

Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics  

Life is always changing—and your health evolves with it. That’s why we’re always exploring ways to help everyone live life to the fullest. But it’s more than treating a condition or a disease. Rather, it’s about supporting your whole health, every day. And to do so, we’re constantly advancing new solutions, treatments and therapies that address all of our individual health needs in many different ways. Through this approach, Bayer has become a global leader in treating and preventing cardiovascular disease, pioneering new possibilities in ophthalmology and radiology, and advancing reproductive and hormonal health.  

Caring for one another is what drives us all. And to continue our impact, we’re acting now to advance tomorrow’s innovations with significant and ongoing investments to create scientific platforms that enrich precision oncology as well as cell and gene therapy. We’re also developing digital health platforms for integrated care. Because when we put people first, we care beyond innovations—rising to meet the unprecedented challenges we all face to advance global health for everyone. 

Preventative Care and Over-the-Counter Solutions  

We all deserve the means to take care of our personal health. And at Bayer, we’ve been working toward that reality by consistently providing some of the world’s most trusted solutions to help people take control of their everyday health.   

Our dedication to helping people manage their personal health extends well beyond our products. We’re also dedicated to finding ways to support preventative care. Fostering health literacy. Sharing health resources. Improving access to safe, effective daily health solutions. It’s all interconnected and comprises the core of how our innovations aim to improve lives for everyone. This is especially important to us because healthy behaviors can have a profound impact on livelihoods and creating resilient communities. So, when we are all empowered to take better care of ourselves every day rather than just when we are sick, everyone can experience a better quality of life—now and into the future.