Digital Farming Solutions

Using Data to Drive Decisions

A man is working in a rice field with mountains in the background.
Data science and innovative digital tools empower farmers through actionable insights.

All season, every season, in every country around the world, farmers collect and evaluate large amounts of data. From seed varieties planted to inputs applied to bushels harvested to the success of operational practices, farmer increasingly rely on data science and the advent of digital technologies as well as new opportunities to use that data to improve operations and outcomes


What we at Bayer call digital farming is the same farming humans have done for millenia, but better. Farmers combine on-the-ground insights into their own operations, aggregated data from satellites and third parties, and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to understand what's happening in their fields better than ever before. And they have the flexibility to integrate tools that drive even better ways to manage their operations, from remote sensors that detect and diagnose yield-impacting field issues, to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as “drones”), that help image and treat those issues. And innovative science pipelines are continually developing new ways to understand and partner with farmers to provide the solutions they need, when they're needed.

The Impact of Digitalization at Bayer Crop Science

Digital farming is not just the future of modern agriculture. It's the present.


Our farmers and scientists consider the complex interactions between the growing environment, seed genetics and farm management practices in their quest to unlock the future of prescriptive agriculture. In the future, leveraging agronomic modeling techniques in partnership with farmers will drive the adoption of the right products, applied at the right times, and in the right ways to optimize farm sustainability and productivity.


We believe that supporting farmers around the world as they adopt digital tools - and the advanced insights that come from them - is the key to farming’s future. Next generation agricultural solutions, where leading seed genetics are paired with crop protection products with unparalleled safety and an underlying platform in our FieldViewTM suite of digital tools, is what will unlock the sustainable farm productivity needed to feed a changing world.

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