We’re leading the way in ag technology

As Bayer Crop Science's digital farming arm, we advance regenerative agriculture and technology breakthroughs using the latest agronomic science, data science, engineering, and real-world farming experience. We value our teammates and pride ourselves in fostering a purpose-driven, people-focused culture. 

What I love about working within digital farming is the ability to use my education, love for science, and passion for sustainability to solve real-world problems. My colleagues are bright, kind, and respectful. The work-life balance is excellent, and that means a lot to me as a mom. Why would I go anywhere else?"
Laura Hess
Sustainability Modeling Manager, Digital Farming
A team you can stand behind

Working on the Digital Farming team is more than an office job. We’re a tight-knit group who actively engage in meaningful, fulfilling work with a vision we believe in.

Growing Together: Inside Bayer's Digital Farming Team
My work is driven by wanting to help build digital tools for family farms like mine. In partnership with Bayer Crop Science, I love testing science with growers to help them produce more food and become more profitable, all while being sustainable.”
Nicholas Helland, Sr.
Digital Ag Advisor, Digital Farming
The technology behind making a difference

Our digital tools help farmers sustainably produce the food, feed, fiber, and fuel needed to meet the demands of a growing planet.

The future of farming is digital, and our employees are at the forefront of a quickly evolving landscape. We aim to help farmers and the broader industry be more efficient, simplify how our customers use technology, and reduce our environmental impact.

With innovative solutions like Climate FieldView, ForGround by Bayer, and Bayer AgPowered Services, you'll be part of some of the most important technological advancements in agriculture.

We’re positioned at the intersection of technology, science, and agriculture to help farmers meet the food, feed, fiber, and fuel demands of a growing world.

Climate FieldView: Paving the way in digital agriculture, our flagship product FieldView provides farmers with a comprehensive visualization of their entire operation. With this platform, farmers can collect, store, and analyze data directly from their farms to measure the impact of their agronomic decisions, manage risks, and maximize return on every acre. 

Bayer AgPowered Services: We launched a new category of cloud-based services that provide data science solutions from Bayer to agri-food companies, allowing them to build internal or customer-facing tools on the Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture. These services help companies efficiently leverage agricultural capabilities in their digital efforts and compliantly manage large sets of farm data.

Technical Challenges: Our teams are committed to big-picture problem solving and building user-friendly technologies with insightful in-app farming recommendations. Their work provides farmers with real-time insights for more informed decisions on their farming operations.

We’re contributing to a more data-driven future by ensuring our data is reliable and timely, supporting and improving emerging technology compatibility, and bringing new tools and technologies into the ag space. Our engineers work on iOS, Android, web, AWS, and more to build reliable digital farming solutions.

Our science team members work closely with engineering and product teams to build predictive solutions for farmers. Almost a million internal research trials back our data science models and are helping make agronomic insights increasingly accurate and available to farmers everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence: Our talented researchers, data engineers, and data scientists utilize AI, such as machine learning (ML) and deep learning, to address complex challenges. They build and optimize models, training them to detect specific patterns crucial for enhancing agricultural outputs. These models undergo continuous refinement through ML, pushing the boundaries of accuracy. Deep learning plays a pivotal role, enabling the seamless integration of farming data.

Big Data: We analyze vast amounts of agronomic data, including weather, satellite imagery, soil, and geospatial information, to offer actionable insights for farmers worldwide. Our FieldView platform utilizes farmer-owned, aggregated, and anonymized data, acquired data such as satellite imagery, and public data sets like weather and soil information.  

By navigating the intricacies of agricultural data to provide actionable insights, we make tangible contributions to farming communities. 

Environmental Stewardship: By leveraging our digital infrastructure, we enable farmers to adopt, verify, and be compensated for choosing sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices. Explore sustainable agriculture jobs and work on tools and solutions like ForGround, designed to reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, promote soil health, and increase biodiversity.

Our interns gain industry experience, enhance technical knowledge, and build a strong professional network. Working in collaboration with various teams in an office environment, we empower them to make significant impact.

Mentorship: Our 1:1 mentorship ensures our interns are gaining as much knowledge and support as possible. Over the 12-week internship, we provide a wide range of networking opportunities, learning and development programs, and fun social events.

Applying: Positions open in the fall and students are welcome to apply through early spring. Students of all levels who are enrolled in an accredited university are eligible to apply. We provide competitive salaries and relocation stipends to assist with getting settled in a new city. We’re happy to offer paid internships at our San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Chicago offices.

I joined Bayer full-time in 2019 after interning the previous summer. I have had the fortune of being surrounded by a team of talented engineers. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to pay it forward and mentor an intern of my own! I have seen my responsibilities grow and I am always hungry for the next challenge.”
Hayden Mans
Sr. Software Engineer
Dynamic Shared Ownership (DSO)

In 2023, we started redesigning Bayer around our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none. That began with an overhaul of our operating model: to deliver faster innovation and a better experience for the farmers, patients, and consumers who depend on #TeamBayer. We believe innovation happens in the space between what’s needed and what’s there—not on an org chart. We’re ending the hierarchical model and placing more power in the hands of the innovators and creators at Bayer.

Our Mission & Strategy

DSO Busting Bureaucracy, Igniting Innovation
Actors often speak of the “perfect role” that allows them to showcase who they are and gives them room to grow. For me, being a digital farming product manager fulfills this role, as who would argue with the importance of feeding the world? At Bayer, I leverage my skills as a professor, sociologist, market and UX researcher, consultant, project manager, and writer.”
Huong (Hoai) Tran
Sr. Product Manager