R&D 2021 Innovation Pipeline

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At Bayer, we sit at a critical point in the global food system—the beginning. But our vision runs all the way through to your plate and beyond. 


We ask big questions.


What will this product mean for the farmer? What will it mean for the consumer? And what will it mean for the planet at every step along the way?


By offering growers tailored solutions, our pipeline is shaping a smarter and more sustainable future for farming. We’re leading with bold innovations that have the potential to reshape the future of agriculture.

It’s an ambitious goal, and it starts with a leading research and development (R&D) pipeline in the industry.

What's Next

At Bayer, we have the chance to shape a stronger, healthier, more rewarding era in agriculture—we envision an era when the world’s most important crops, like corn, are being improved to save resources, when digital tools drive higher standards in productivity and sustainability, and when protecting crops requires solutions that stay ahead of evolving challenges.

The research and development team at Bayer is paving the way in corn and soybeans, propelling genetics and crop protection into the next generation, and exploring entirely new, bold possibilities for what agriculture can accomplish.


Hear Dr. Bob Reiter, Head of Research & Development at Crop Science, share what is planned for the future of farming. 






Game-Changing Technology: Short Stature Corn

Shorter, stronger, more sustainable corn is planned to reach fields around the world. This giant leap forward in agriculture is being made possible by the best Bayer has to offer. Because that’s what farmers—and our planet—need.


Short stature corn has improved plant stability, including better tolerance to root lodging, stalk lodging, and green snap.



Shorter plants mean farmers can access their fields with ground equipment well into the growing season. This allows for prescriptive and precise application of crop inputs.



Short stature corn allows farmers to use inputs and natural resources more efficiently.




#1 Soybean System: Next Generation

Our soybean pipeline harnesses digital and emerging technologies to better understand and address farmer challenges from every angle. 

At Bayer, we are working to deliver next generation innovation and further solidify our position as a leader in soy globally.


Stacked herbicide tolerant traits offer weed control flexibility while combating herbicide resistance.



New generations of soybeans have better control of pests with less environmental impact.


These stronger, more resilient hybrids improve harvest performance.




Growing the Potential of Digital Ag

The digital transformation happening in agriculture is at the core of Bayer’s innovation pipeline.


The digital tools built by Bayer are not only offering insights, they’re optimizing performance and improving farming practices.


Our R&D teams utilize emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to predict genetic outcomes.


Our proprietary technology improves harvests, and allows farmers to use resources like water and CO2 more efficiently by collecting and analyzing billions of data points.



In the US and South America, farmers can use Climate FieldView™ to earn cash for carbon sequestration efforts they have already—or are about to—implement on their acres.


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Protecting Fields. Serving Customers: Crop Protection Evolution

Protecting harvests requires a deep understanding of the natural systems that enable life. At Bayer, we’re using our years of industry experience to create brand new solutions to ever-evolving challenges.


We have ten new active ingredients currently in the development pipeline.



We continue to evolve our portfolio of novel chemical and biological products to work harder in the field, yet more gently on the earth.



Our commercialized biological products are used in around 32 million hectares of row crops annually.



We develop formulations compatible with digitally enabled tools such as smart sprayers or spot applications.




Propelling Genetics Forward

Through precision breeding, we can grow plants that meet the specific needs of our customers. This means stronger harvests, more efficiency and less waste.


Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes billions of potential genomic combinations and matches them to customer needs.



A globally-connected pipeline enables data sharing which further enhances product development.



We’ve commercialized more than 430 new hybrids and varieties in 2020.


At Bayer, we can’t help but look forward. 


This pipeline isn’t just a glimpse of what’s next for Bayer. With this pipeline, we are helping to usher in a new era in agriculture. 


The future is as inspiring as ever, and Bayer’s R&D Pipeline is where it begins.