Fostering Transparency

Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals

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Collaborative Research Benefits Patients and Society

The collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, patient organizations and other stakeholders has delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact our lives. We at Bayer are convinced that close cooperation with and continuous education of healthcare professionals & organizations is key to achieving better outcomes for the patients we strive to help.




Pharmaceutical Industry – Healthcare Professionals: A Highly Regulated Relationship

When collaborating with medical experts, we comply with existing laws and regulations that clearly outline the interaction between industry and healthcare professionals, e.g. healthcare laws and industry codes. Additionally, these rules are amended by different transparency regulations, such as the Sunshine Act in the US, the EFPIA Disclosure Code in Europe, and various local legal reporting obligations across the world. We at Bayer fully respect the independence and integrity of the professionals we collaborate with.


Data privacy

Data Privacy

Bayer fully respects data privacy and data security. We therefore take multiple steps to protect data in compliance with the data privacy policies required and audited by local and global authorities. Furthermore in countries where a consent is required for individual disclosure, data are disclosed on individual basis only if the affected healthcare professional has provided explicit written consent. High data security mechanisms are in place to ensure data are protected against external attacks and manipulation. In addition, access to any personal disclosure related data is restricted internally to employees responsible for data collection or report preparation.