Trust & Credibility

A Century of Science

A Century of Science

You don’t take your health lightly. And neither do we. You need to know the products you and your family use are safe and will do what you expect. 


For over 150 years, we’ve developed life-changing medicines and products backed by impeccable science. It is the only way we know how to operate. 


But understanding healthcare products can be confusing and overwhelming for many people. We understand that. We live in a world with access to nearly limitless information, and at times, misinformation. Which makes our responsibility to deliver quality science-based information all the more important. 


Safety first, and always


We want people to have the utmost confidence in our products because peace of mind is also a critical part of overall wellness. The first step in achieving that confidence is committing ourselves to industry-leading safety. 


Every product we release goes through rigorous regulatory approval before making it to your medicine cabinets. In 2020 alone, this meant more than 170 regulatory approvals worldwide. 


But it doesn’t stop there. We continue to monitor the latest scientific developments, and we consult with healthcare providers, pharmacists, and experts to ensure continued safety. Our rigorous quality control process is designed to identify potential safety concerns before they become actual concerns.


Our medical claims are backed by science


Beyond safety, people want to know that what they are using will do what it’s intended to do. This is where our medical team steps in. Their work starts in the early stages of discovery — to uncover unmet consumer needs and to generate medical insights on how we can help meet those needs. Then they work with consumers and patients in clinical trials to scientifically verify that the claims we make for our products are real. 


Empowering people to make healthy decisions


You are better equipped to take more control of your health when you are better informed. From understanding what might be causing symptoms to what treatments might work and how Bayer works to help ensure you have the right information you need.


New digital tools, such as our partnership with Ada Health and their symptom assessment tool, will further improve consumers’ ability to make more well-informed decisions about their health.


Science is the pursuit of progress, and we want to share what we find with you. At Bayer, we turn data into insights, insights into innovation, and innovation into products you can use. This process is rigorous and regulated, and it improves lives.