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Innovating Better Everyday Health—for All of Us

Innovating better everyday health for all of us

We all know that self-care is essential. But how do we know what self-care is right for each of us? 

Self-care Innovation by Bayer

Inclusive. Remarkable. Flexible. Human. 

Innovation in self-care comes in all forms. It may eventually manifest as a new product available on a shelf, but it can also be about creating a new way to help people understand their own health. But the most impactful innovations always start with a deep understanding of people’s unmet needs and apply the principles of science-led self-care.

To make the most of any innovation, people need to understand what’s happening in their bodies and how self-care solutions can help them meet their individual health needs.  

At Bayer, we design self-care innovations with the whole person in mind. Supporting people through a journey of discovery and awareness of their bodies, symptoms, and causes empowers them to make more informed choices to manage their health.  

Explore how we’re innovating to improve everyday health for all in these focus areas: 

The Science of Human-Centered Innovation

The most impactful and effective self-care innovations are built on the principles of science-led self-care and bring together three key components that help to both meet individual needs and serve the most people possible. By combining these key elements, we create innovations that transform everyday health around the world. 

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Inclusive Science 

No one solution will work for everyone. Embracing a diversity of needs, abilities and backgrounds allows us to develop innovations that expand access while meeting everyone’s unique needs. 

Remarkable Experiences 

Innovations that enable people to take better care of themselves only work if people want to use them. Self-care works best when it is easy to use, accessible, and enjoyable.                                                 

Flexible Technology 

Needs vary across markets, regions, and cultures but they derive from what unites us all—our human nature. Our products and solutions are built on global innovation platforms with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of local consumers.   

Self-Care Innovation in Action

Scroll down to explore some of our recent innovations…

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Canesten® GYN  

To reduce frustration with the application process, a new applicator was created with a feminine-focused design for ease of use.  

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Berocca® Immunity Defense

A healthy immune system is essential, and our unique concentrated plant extract with echinacea and high levels of vitamins C and D supports immune function and recovery.  

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Aspirin® Complex

On-the-go use is simplified by a direct-to-mouth granule that doesn’t require ingesting water.  


Talcid® Compound Digestive Enzyme

A safe and effective indigestion solution to relieve lack of appetite and indigestion through patented double-coated pellets with four types of digestive enzymes. 


Redoxon® Kids  

Kids need strong bones and a robust immune system but typically don’t like taking medicine. These tasty, sugar-free gummies for kids offer dual immunity and bone development benefits through a combination of two organic calcium salts. 


Elevit® Infant Liquid Calcium

In support of bone development, this easy-to-absorb liquid calcium has a compound formula of Calcium citrate+D3+K2+Zinc to provide complete solution for better calcium absorption from blood to bone. No sugar or preservatives are added, and it comes with a reusable measuring cup for ease of use and better dosing. 

North America


Switch from prescription to over-the-counter status offers fast, powerful, and steroid-free allergy relief to the 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies. Learn more about Science of the Switch.

North America

AleveX™ Pain Relieving Lotion with Rollerball Applicator  

Powerful and long-lasting pain relief where you need it. The applicator features three cool-to-the-touch stainless steel rollerballs to provide deep pressure massage when applying. 

North America

Aspirin® Heart Health Risk Assessment Tool  

Created in partnership with Huma, this online tool quickly assesses an individual’s potential risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years and can be shared with a healthcare professional as part of ongoing health management. 

Latin America

Elevit® DHA

Getting the proper nutrients during pregnancy for both mother and baby can be a struggle, especially in low-income communities. This tailored multivitamin and DHA all-in-one soft gel capsule for pregnant women is clinically proven to support a baby's brain and eye development during pregnancy. 

Latin America

Bepantol® Derma  

Dry, cracking skin isn’t just unsightly; it can cause itching, discomfort, and even lead to infection. Bepantol Derma moisturizer for daily use addresses the underlying causes of dry skin and restores the skin's natural protective function. 

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