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Welcome behind the scenes of Bayer Crop Science. That lab coat looks nice on you! Ok, you’re not exactly walking the halls, but the virtual tours and videos below might make you feel like you are.

Here, you can virtually tour our research and development sites and watch Bayer scientists conduct safety studies in OpenLabs 360°. You can also delve into our scientific publications and connect with our experts, below.

Open Labs

What is OpenLabs 360°?

OpenLabs 360° is a series of self-guided virtual reality tours where you can see science at work. Click through the halls, and fields, of Bayer and watch our scientists conduct studies that ensure our products, when used correctly, are safe for people and the environment. Watch to learn more, or start exploring below. 

Welcome to OpenLabs 360º

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Join our OpenLabs 360º Webinars

While the virtual OpenLabs 360° tours are accessible anytime from anywhere, we understand you may still have questions after your visit. The OpenLabs 360º webinars allow you to connect with our experts and find answers to your questions.


We’re excited to introduce a new webinar series for 2024: “Clear Conversations.” We look forward to seeing you:

  • Feb 21: LifeHub Lyon
  • Mar 20: LifeHub Bangalore
  • May (date TBD): CropKey

Be sure to follow Bayer Crop Science on X or LinkedIn for more information. 


Can’t wait? Here are some of the questions and answers from past webinars. 

Scientists in the field
Our R&D Sites

/// Bayer Innovation Experience Virtual Tour
Location: Chesterfield, Missouri, USA. Chesterfield is home to Bayer Crop Science’s North America R&D Headquarters. 

/// Bayer Marana Arizona Greenhouse
Location: Marana, Arizona, USA. At Bayer’s seven-acre greenhouse in Marana, Arizona, we are reimagining the way corn is grown around the world while setting the standard for environmental sustainability. 

/// Bayer Genotyping Lab Tour in Bengaluru, India​
Location: Bengaluru India. Bayer's state-of-the-art Genotyping Lab in Bengaluru is where our team of plant physiologists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists and automation engineers work together to help breeders speed up their plant breeding programs by generating molecular marker data.​

Invite a Bayer Speaker

Science CONNECT is the easiest way to find the right Bayer scientist for your next seminar, webinar, conference, podcast, or expert panel discussion. Pick your topics of interest, and we will connect you with the experts.

Read Scientific Articles From Bayer Employees

On our Science in Spotlight platform, you’ll find peer-reviewed scientific publications authored by Bayer employees.