Crop Science Sustainability Progress Report

Transparency, commitment, and dialogue.

Farmer inspecting crop

The Crop Science Sustainability Progress Report supplements the Bayer AG Sustainability Report and provides a closer look at the many ways the Crop Science division is advancing sustainable agriculture and creating the best possible outcomes for farmers, consumers and our planet.

Each year, alongside a broader Integrated Annual Report, Bayer AG publishes a Sustainability Report. The purpose of the report is to show of how we are working to increase the sustainability of our internal operations and make a more positive impact upstream and downstream along the value chain —across all three of our divisions Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science.

Reporting on our Progress in Agriculture

“We are innovating with new solutions to substantially reduce field greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the environmental impact of crop protection in all the major markets we serve.

In this progress report, we want to demonstrate not only how we are working toward achieving these goals, but also how sustainability is already a fundamental driving force behind our business.”
Frank Terhorst
Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Bayer AG, Crop Science Division

As a supplement to the Annual Sustainability Report, this progress report shares additional key information with our ESG Stakeholders, furthermore, the Sustainability Progress report is about transparency and accountability. Our intention is to highlight the areas that we are focusing on to improve our operations and create sustainable solutions in agriculture. But we openly acknowledge there are gaps: ones that we know we need to fill and ones that we still need to identify. It is our hope that readers will explore the links to other resources where they can learn more about many of the topics covered, engage with us directly, and ultimately help hold us accountable as we continue to make progress toward our 2030 commitments - and more importantly, our vision of Health for all, Hunger for none. 

Above all else, this Progress Report underscores our commitment to transparency, partnership and dialogue. We know we’re not alone in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. So much of the impact we cover in this report is a result of collaboration across various groups, including farmers, industry partners, policymakers and other key stakeholders.
Jessica Christiansen
Head of Sustainability, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer AG