Seeds & Traits

Enabling Farmers to Grow Enough with Less

asian woman with child in a rice field

In a world where bigger tends to mean better, some of the most important building blocks of civilization are often no larger than a few millimeters in size: seeds. These tiny organisms form the foundation of agriculture and hold the keys to delivering the food, fuel and fiber needed to sustain a growing world population. 


Bayer is proud to offer farmers around the world seed varieties that combine the best genetics and most advanced traits in the industry. We know that every field, crop, and farmer is different; each with their own needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why we offer farmers tailored solutions – starting with seeds and traits - designed to improve their harvests and make their jobs easier. 


A Pipeline to What's Next

When it comes to innovation, our goal is to help farmers maximize the genetic potential of every seed they plant.  By harnessing the world’s leading germplasm pool and applying our deep knowledge of genetics, genomics, biotechnology and data science, our scientists are delivering a seed and trait pipeline rich with tailored, high-performing seed solutions across dozens of the world’s most important crops. 


Our seeds and traits innovation symbolizes our commitment to driving sustainability and shaping agriculture for the benefit of farmers and society. By packing more power and potential into the seeds they plant, we’re empowering farmers around the world to produce more with less.