Beyond Growing More

We Help Farmers Grow More Food in a Sustainable Way

Corn Cob

Feeding ever more people with high quality food under ever more challenging climate circumstances on less arable land, with less impact and fewer resources is a Herculean task for farmers around the globe, among them hundreds of millions of smallholders. While farming is a business proposition for many, farmers also play an essential role in supporting the greater good.

Agriculture is a local activity and every field, crop, and farmer is different; each with their own needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why we offer farmers tailored solutions – starting with seeds and traits – designed to improve their harvests and make their jobs easier.

Our business supports the production of a wide variety of food crops, from staple grains like corn, rice and wheat to fruits, vegetables, pulses and nuts. We also support the production of grain products for feeding livestock which provide quality proteins like meat, milk and eggs.

While our primary aims are to enhance crop efficiency, yields and resilience, we also aim to improve the quality of harvests, including factors such as taste, transportability and shelf life.

Our portfolio of innovative products and solutions, including seeds, crop protection products and digital tools, empowers farmers to produce these high quality, nutritious foods for people and animals in a sustainable and increasingly regenerative way.