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Supporting Nutrition

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Sometimes, life demands more than a modern diet can provide. With the help of science and innovation, each and every one of us can live healthier, better lives.


The Role of Supplements

For much of modern human history, we measured nutrition in terms of quantity: Are we eating enough?


But as agriculture improved and dietary science became more reliable, the question began to shift from, “Are we eating enough?” to “Are we eating what’s best for our bodies?”


With the right vitamins and supplements, we can now optimize mental and physical energy, support our immune system, enable healthier pregnancies, and so much more.


Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a special time in life. For parents-to-be, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions featuring intense periods of hope and fear. But by listening to the advice and support of doctors — and by trusting science — we can improve the chance of a healthy pregnancy


Elevit™ gives parents-to-be the reassurance they’re taking the right steps to give their babies the best start in life. By helping meet increased nutritional needs during conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, Elevit™ products support healthy development from pre-conception through age two. 


And parents-to-be can trust Elevit™ will be safe and effective because it’s been proven in 20 clinical studies. 


Supporting the Immune System

First marketed in 1934, Redoxon™ has been helping people around the world stay healthy. Alongside a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and an active lifestyle, taking supplements such as Redoxon™ can help with tissue repair and regeneration, support immunity, and help neutralize the effects of nitrates found in packaged foods.

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Supporting Mental and Physical Energy

Modern life demands that we perform at our best—even when the going gets tough and stress mounts. While working, exercising, or simply managing our busy day-to-day schedules, it’s not just physical energy we need to keep going. We also need mental alertness and resilience.


Our bodies need vitamins to help regulate our energy levels, metabolism, and neural processing. That’s why Bayer has developed a broad portfolio of daily nutritionals.


Launched in Switzerland in 1969 as a prescription medicine, Berocca® has a strong heritage. It supports mental sharpness with caffeine and guarana, and supports physical energy with B Vitamins, which help convert food to fuel for energy. 


And Supradyn™, which has also been in the market for more than 60 years, helps unlock mental and physical energy. It comes in a range of tailored supplements for different needs and life stages. Because of this, it has become the #1 multivitamin supplement brand in Europe. 


At Bayer, we’re focused on bringing science-based solutions to consumers around the world, to help them accomplish whatever they set out to do.


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